Seeing Better With Cataract Surgery

Dr. Robert Cionni, with the Eye Institute of Utah discussed the new breakthroughs in the procedure.



Imagine seeing life through a smoke screen. That’s the effect cataracts have on your vision. Symptoms include blurred vision, sensitivity to bright light, and reduced vision in bright light, increased distortion, impaired depth perception or frequent changes in eye glass prescriptions. Cataracts are not painful and develop slowly over time, so you might not be aware of them at first. Eventually they may prevent you from performing everyday activities and can even cause blindness.


Unfortunately, cataracts are often part of the aging process. The eye’s natural lens gradually becomes cloudy, making it impossible for the light entering the eye to focus sharply on the retina.

Cataracts are frustrating, but take heart, they’re easy to remove. Now through a state-of-the-art surgical technique available at The Eye Institute of Utah, cataracts can be safely removed in a matter of minutes, restoring the bright crisp focus of earlier years.


Your eye doctor will be able to determine if you have a cataract during your comprehensive eye examination. Cataracts are easily detected and you and your doctor will decide together if your vision can be improved through a change in your eyeglass prescription, or whether it is time to consider surgery.

Today’s Clear Corneal Cataract Surgery is virtually painless, with no injections, stitches or bothersome eye patch. Dr. Robert J. Cionni, and Dr. Alan S. Crandall have established themselves on the forefront of advanced cataract and implant surgery, along with The Eye Institute of Utah team they have helped restore clear vision for thousands of patients.

The Clear Corneal Cataract procedure requires anesthetic eye drops rather than injections to prepare the eye for surgery. Our experienced surgeon removes the clouded lens through a tiny incision (1/8 inch long) and inserts a foldable lens implant in its place. Because the incision is so small, the eye tissue seals itself naturally, usually without the need of sutures or an eye patch. The entire procedure usually takes less than ten minutes.

The benefits of Clear Corneal Cataract Surgery are readily apparent. Because there is less trauma to the eye, it recovers more quickly. Discomfort following surgery is very rare, and patients can return to normal activities within 24 hours. Cosmetically, the eye looks and feels less inflamed than with other forms of cataract surgery. Most importantly, your vision will be restored!


The Eye Institute of Utah’s staff is dedicated to providing the very best care and treatment possible. Our wish is for your visit to be pleasant and comfortable. Surgeons at The Eye Institute of Utah are among the most experienced in the Intermountain West. Dr. Cionni and Dr. Crandall have been elected by their peers as two of The Best Doctors in America. If you are considering cataract surgery, please feel free to call us at (801) 263-5700 or toll-free at (800) 677-9935

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