Sego Lily Stacked Salad with Ginger Jam Dressing

Don’t just toss a salad. Create a stunning, stacked salad for your next
party and impress your guests!
Salad Ingredients:
5-6 big beef tomatoes, Sliced ½ inch thick
4 Avocados, sliced
5 bratwurst, cooked in 1 bottle/can Apple Beer, sliced ¼ inch think
14. oz feta, cubed
1 small bag of spring mix lettuce

Remove both lids of a #10 can and place the empty can onto the plate you will be using.
Layer ingredients into the can in this order: ½ the sliced Tomatoes, Avocado, Sausage, Feta,
the other ½ of the sliced Tomatoes, Lettuce. Gently press ingredients down to help retain
the cylinder shape. Remove can and drizzle with dressing. Top with “Sego Lily Flower”

Ginger Jam Dressing:
Wisk together:
¼ c. M & H Ginger Preserves
½ c. canola oil
1 t sesame oil
1 T. Rice vinnegar

Sego Lily Flowers:

4 Eggs, hard-boiled and peeled, sliced in half. Mix the yolks with ¼ c. Mayonnaise, 1 tsp.
mustard to make devilled egg mixture for the center of the “flower” or simply use the hard
egg yolk circle for the center. Place three egg whites, cut side down to form the 3 petals for
the flower. Place yolk or egg yolk mixture on top as the yellow center of the flower, then
3 slivers of red onion, sliced one inch long, as the purple striped accents to the flower.
This was my winning recipe at the 2010 Utah’s Own semi-finals in Provo. Does anything
seem more Utah than using a number #10 can? I walked away with a $100 dollar gift card
to the grocery store, some coupons, and Rock Star status (for the afternoon, with my
immediate family.)

This recipe and others like it can be found in Lindsey’s novel/cookbook FEAST, at

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