Set Yourself Up For A Successful Week By Using Your Refrigerator As Your Pinboard

Just like Pinterest your refrigerator can become your tool to make sure you
stick with healthy eating and exercise the entire week. Studio 5 Contributor
Jeni Nielsen says to follow these four steps to make your refrigerator your
weekly inspiration.


Write down healthy idea and a food plan for your week. Write your grocery
list. Pin this to your fridge. It’s a great way to keep you thinking healthy and
help you stick to the plan for the week.


Everyday you can set a personal best! Write down things like your Monday
morning weight, or you fastest mile ran that week or how many push ups
you did on your toes. The options are endless!! If you write it down and
look at it everyday you’re more likely to stick to the plan.


Go grocery shopping on Saturday and prepare your food for the week on
Sunday. Monday morning you’re excited and ready to go! Set your playlist
on your iPod with some good workout tunes! Then go for it!


Reward yourself at the end of the week! Go to dinner with your friends or
family! Enjoy every last bite!

Then get ready to start and for the upcoming week!

If you have any questions about Jeni’s four steps to success she’s happy to
answer them on her Facebook page!

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