Shape Your Shoulders for Summer

Studio 5 Health and Fitness Expert Melanie Douglass walks us through a quick way to your shoulders shaped up.

You can try these exercises with either a bar, dumbbell or exercise band.

1. Overhead Press

2. Lateral Raise (supine, prone and neutral hand positions)

3. Upright Row

4. Rear Extensions

5. External Rotations

Green Drink

1 cup of unsweetened pineapple juice (or pour off the
juice from 1 can of pineapple rings)

4 cups of fresh spinach

Blend until smooth.

That’s the base recipe… but feel free to add carrots, cucumbers, apples, or other leafy greens. If you’re looking for quick and simple, it doesn’t get any easier than 2 ingredients! (Spinach is a nutrient-packed superfood and should therefore always be the base vegetable.)

Makes 2 (3/4-cup servings). Nutrients per serving: 80 cals, 3 gm fiber, 3 gm protein + good source of Vitamin A, K, C, folate, calcium, iron and the phytochemicals Lutein and Zeaxanthin (these phytochemicals help protect the eyes).

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