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She Did: 4 inspiring stories of strong women you may not have heard before

These inspiring stories are just four of many in a new book, “She Did.”

Women have an innate ability to bring a unique goodness and light to the world. They possess a remarkable power to accomplish extraordinary things, often hidden behind their seemingly ordinary lives.

Emily Cushing and Bekki Hood, authors of the inspiring book “She Did,” believe in celebrating these remarkable women and their incredible stories. We explored the inspiration behind the book and some of the extraordinary women it highlights.

“She Did” is a testament to the incredible power that women possess to make the world a better place. These stories of sacrifice, service, and inspiration serve as a reminder that ordinary women can achieve extraordinary feats. If you’re looking for more heartwarming and empowering stories, you can find “She Did” at Desert Book, Seagull Book, and Amazon.


 4 Inspiring Stories of Strong Women

The Inspiration Behind “She Did”

The idea for “She Did” was born out of a desire to spotlight women who have made a profound impact on the world. Emily Cushing, inspired by stories of exceptional women from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, embarked on a journey to uncover more hidden gems. Listening to a general conference talk about the founder of the primary organization and a heroic nurse aboard the Titanic, Emily realized there were countless untold stories of women who had sacrificed and served their communities with unwavering love. These stories needed to be shared.

Bekki Hood, co-author of the book, emphasized the importance of highlighting everyday actions that influence others positively. Many times, prominent figures take the spotlight, but the real change often happens within families and communities. Bekki wanted to showcase the idea that ordinary actions can have extraordinary ripple effects, just like the women featured in “She Did.”

Irene Corbett

One of the remarkable stories in the book centers around Irene Corbett, a talented nurse who died aboard the Titanic. Irene’s decision to further her nursing training in London, despite having young children, showcased her dedication to helping her community in Provo. Her tragic sacrifice on the Titanic illustrates the selflessness that many women exhibit, often without fully realizing the impact they have on the world.

Becky Douglas

Another captivating story features Becky Douglas, who turned her family’s tragedy into a force for good. After her daughter’s suicide, Becky discovered her daughter’s charitable donations to an orphanage in India. This discovery led her to create Rising Star Outreach, an organization dedicated to helping people with leprosy through education, medical care, and micro-loans. From a heartbreaking loss, Becky found a way to make a significant difference in the lives of others.

Chieko Okazaki

Chieko Okazaki’s story is another shining example of inspiration. Born in 1926 in Hawaii to Japanese plantation workers, Chieko dedicated her life to bridging cultural, racial, and religious divides. Her experiences during World War II shaped her belief that diversity is a strength, not a division. Through her work as an educator and service on church auxiliary boards, she left an enduring legacy of unity and love.

Emilia Ahadjie

Emilia Ahadjie’s unwavering faith is showcased as she defended her beliefs in the face of government threats in Ghana. She defied orders to leave the country and remained steadfast in her mission to communicate with church leaders in Salt Lake City. Her determination and courage not only protected her faith but also strengthened it, inspiring those around her.

In a world where the contributions of women are sometimes overlooked, “She Did” shines a spotlight on the incredible impact they have had and continue to have on society. Emily and Bekki have given voice to these unsung heroes, and their stories will undoubtedly inspire generations to come.

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