Shoe Carnival: “Shape Up” with Skechers

Shape-ups retrain
your muscles, helping you walk with a positive impact.  Used
Shape-ups can change the way you approach your daily
activities.  Used
regularly, Shape-ups can enhance the way you feel and look. Visit your
Shoe Carnival to find the Skechers Shape-ups that are just right for


Regional Manager Tom
Wells talks about this incredible shoe on Studio 5

Three Reasons Why You NEED Shape-ups:

Stronger You: Shape-ups are designed to help you tone your muscles- from your back and abdomen to you buttocks and calves.

Healthier You: Shape-ups will help you lose weight and improve your circulation, creating a healthier you.

Easy Exercise Routine: It’s easy to shape up with Shape-ups. Wear your Shape-ups everywhere and anywhere you walk (or stand), and your body will feel the benefits.

How Shape-ups Work:

The Shape-ups feature a unique soft kinetic wedge insert and dynamic rolling bottom to simulate walking on a soft giving surface like sand. With the comfort of Shape-ups, you will feel your heel sink to the ground as you step, roll forward as your weight shifts to its center, and push off with your toes. This movement will result in stronger leg, buttock, back and abdominal muscles as you stabilize your steps.

Patients in a recent clinical study showed positive results after wearing Shape-ups for only six weeks:

1. Lost an average 3.25 pounds

2. Reduced body fat by an average of 1.25%

3. Increased buttock strength by an average of 41%

4. Increased lower back endurance by an average of     37%


Unlike other athletic shoes,
Shape-ups offer an entirely new
way to walk or exercise.  As with any new exercise, moderation
is key at
the start.  SKECHERS recommends wearing your Shape-ups for 25
to 45
minutes (based on your strength and existing exercise plan) in the
first two
weeks.  As you build up comfort and strength, it’s
ok to increase Shape-ups
walking time in five to 10-minute increments.

Salt Lake City/Utah area locations

Shoe Carnival

Cotton Mill II

628 W. Telegraph Street

Washington, UT 84780


Shoe Carnival

Brickyard Shopping Center

1202 East Brickyard Road

Salt Lake City UT 84106


Shoe Carnival

Main Street Marketplace

1475 No. Main Street

Logan, UT 84341

435-752- 1815

Shoe Carnival

Campus View Jordan Landing

7742 Campus View Drive

West Jordan, UT

801 280-1886

Shoe Carnival

Carillon Square

305 E. University Parkway

Orem, UT 84058

801 225-4446

To find the Shoe Carnival location nearest you, please visit or call 1-800-430-SHOE. Selection may vary by store

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