Show Your Man Some Valentine Love

When it comes to Valentine’s Day and gifts, men can be hard to please! So what do they really want?

Studio 5 Contributor Mandy Douglass shares ways to show every type of man some love this Valentine’s Day!

When it comes to men, we all know what they “want” for Valentines Day… however we thought we would keep these gifts a little more appropriate (though it is a little hard to do this time of year). While surveying a few men I found out that while most men are alike and like something a little risky for Valentine’s day, there is much more to these men than you think!

While reading the book 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, I realized everyone feels loved in a different way. Get online to their website,, and have your man take a quick quiz to find out the way he likes to be loved!

– Words of Affirmation
– Acts of Service
– Receiving Gifts
– Quality Time
– Physical Touch

Here are a few creative ideas that will fall within these 5 categories, so you can give him the best gift to help him feel the most loved!


Wrapped in a darling take out box (purchased at hobby lobby) Give him a gift to tell him all the things you love about him. You can get these fortune cookies in two different ways!

I’m so fortunate to have you as my Valentine!

ORDER THEM! – They have amazing flavors, sizes, chocolate dipped, you NAME it! Great fast way to get the cookies shipped to your door. Be sure to order today to make sure you have them by Valentines day!!

– There are hundreds of tutorials online, but I found this one on Youtube that I thought was the best. Homemade fortune cookies will allow you to be a little more “personal” with your messages, but are a little time consuming and may take a little patience until you get the technique down!

Wrap each valentine separate and place them with the time labels ( free to download printable) for each individual gift. Inside each little gift put all the different things that you love about him attached to a little treat! Be sure to put a reminder alert on his phone every hour to open one!

I think about you every second, … every hour, … of every Valentines Day! (hour labels for gifts)

– small gift card for lunch, a book store, or a coffee shop,
– cd of songs that remind you of him or itunes card (pre-make a list of love songs for him to listen to on the way home on his smart phone without him knowing. Tell him to look for the play list on his phone, or even type up the playlist and place it in the bags!
– a picture of the two of you with a favorite memory
– his favorite candy
– slinky underwear (not to open at work of course!)
– model car for his desk
– small box of favorite cereal
– gas card (if he commutes)


If your husband is like mine, he leaves before I wake up. So making breakfast for him is left to the weekends. This idea is one you can do a day or two in advance and set out before you go to bed. Make Cinnamon rolls, but roll them up like a heart. Place in individual dishes (I like the heart paper ones that you can bake in. Found mine at Wal-Mart). Then freeze the rolls until you’re ready for them. Let them un-thaw over night and leave instructions to warm before eating.

Orange you glad you have my heart!

Heart cinnamon rolls with orange juice and a handmade valentine. If you want to do more, surprise him when he gets home with all the shirts in his closet ironed! (or maybe just a coupon to iron them later!)

If you have a man that travels for work, then this gift is for you. Go and buy all the essentials he would need for his travel bag and attach messages to each individual item. Every time he needs to leave for his trip, he is already packed and ready to go!

You mean the world to me!

Toothbrush – You make me smile
Toothpaste or Mouthwash- You and I were “mint” to be
Shaving Cream – Life is rough when you’re not around
Shaver – You are cut above the rest!
Deodorant – I like the way you roll
Bandaids – I’m stuck on you
Sewing Kit – You’re sew special to me!
Soap or Shampoo – I was soapin you would be my Valentine


Show him how much you love him by paying attention to what he loves.

Of all the fish in the sea, I’m so glad you swam to me!

Give him a:
Fishing License, gift card to a Sporting goods store, Tackle box filled with candy (purchased at Target in the Valentines section)

Give the man you love all the things that makes him feel like a man!

My Man Can – (gift in a paint can)

Can wrapped with Mustache Wrapping paper. Found at

– Dude you’re welcome stationary kit – Stampin’ Up!
– Socks
– Pocket knife / Leatherman
– Cologne
– In-N-Out giftcard
– After shave
– Cards – you’re one of a kind
– Remote control anything!
– Apple anything (iPod, iPhone, etc)
– Headphones
– Sunglasses

Quality Time

Quality time is really important to me, and there are two different types of quality time that I enjoy … and hope he enjoys too!

This gift is wrapped inside a balloon! You heard right … Pioneer Party in Lehi does a great job! Inside the balloon includes the following:

Valentine, you make my heart BURST!
Popping in to show you “good” time tonight!

Menu to show what the night includes
Gift card to restaurant, Movie, Popcorn vouchers
Movie Mugs from the MegaPlex movie theaters.
Purchase for $13 for a single mug, or $26 for a package like shown on segment. Go to this website or your nearest MegaPlex location for more details!


Wrap up the gift in a sand bucket (found at Wal-Mart), raffia for grass skirt, Hawaiian items found at Party Land in Lehi. Make sure to include an airline ticket with day and time of planned date. Get peanuts and soft drinks for the ride to your destination.

The itinerary could include:
Hawaiian Pizza at Malawi’s Pizza
Babysitter scheduled
All you need to pack is your swim trunks, & a towel!
Go surfing at Provo beach resort (Wave Simulator)
** Valentine special on February 14, 2 for 1 on all activities at Provo Beach Resort. Call 801-224-5001 for more details!
End with Hawaiian Lingerie included in bucket (coconuts!)

Physical Touch

This one is an easy on for Valentines day. Try a romantic package that includes all of this!

– Couples massage Brick Canvas at Thanksgiving Point
– Slinky (to be exchanged for another gift later!)
– KISS STIXX (Peach for him, Cream for her … when you kiss it is Peaches and Cream) Found at Husband & Wife in American Fork
– Could get more personal with fun intimate items!

Check out Mandy’s Valentine printables on her blog

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