Silhouettes in All Shapes And Sizes

Designer Kristine McKay shares how to create a personalized silhouette images.

The term silhouette was coined after Monsieur Étienne de Silhouette the minister of finance in France, 1759. Although he was a man of wealth, he was known for his “cheap ways” and although could afford to have his family members photos painted he chose to have silhouettes made because it was less expensive. While the origin of silhouettes originated from frugality there is nothing cheap about the classy timeless design of silhouettes in home decor.

-How to create a custom silhouette of your children

1. Have your subject stand up against a wall that contrasts their hair and clothes

2. Make sure they are standing tall, mouth closed and their head is level and facing forward.

3. When you are satisfied with their profile take the photo.

Each silhouette has a different technique such as:

1. ironing on fabric and placing in an old embroidery hoop

2. Embellishing some of the fabric silhouettes with bling

3. Mating some of the silhouettes on old books or newspapers

4. Placing vinyl cut outs of your kids directly on your wall hanging from ribbon.

Different ideas for silhouettes:

– Your kids, pets, fun shapes like birds, old perfume bottles, etc.

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