24th decor

‘So simple it’s ridiculous!’ The DIY rope beehive for your 24th decor…

Happy Birthday Utah! Celebrate the founding of our state with some beehive pride. This project is super easy, and the product is perfect for your 24th decor!

Darcie Liptrot shares how to make rope beehives for some Pioneer Day festivity.

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How to Make a Rope Beehive


  • Plastic pot, old candle jar or something similar
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Sisal Rope (Available in the hardware section of any store! Usually take 2 packs for a medium hive.)
  • Black Marker or Black Paint w/brush
  • Scissors


Step one: Bring the Heat! Plug in that Glue gun.

Step two:  Flip that pot upside down! The top becomes the bottom and the bottom becomes the top. Now you’re ready to go to town!

Step three: Start gluing the rope to the pot! Start at the bottom, working your way up to the top. Glue periodically along the way, keeping the rope tight across and tight to the rope below it. Remember-a little goes a long way! Keep wrapping and gluing until you reach the top and you’ve lapped over the side and onto the roof of your beehive.

Step four: Now, it’s time to choose your top style. For a smooth tight top, keep wrapping until you just can’t wrap any more, still gluing all the way. The rope will naturally coil in. Use scissors to cut the rope end very tight to the pot and glue the end in place.

For a top knot option, cut a piece of rope from the other end of your package of rope, taking care not to cut the part of the rope you’re currently wrapping. You’ll want that to stay continuous. Loop and hot glue the cut piece to the top of the beehive. Continue wrapping and gluing your continuous rope strand around the top, as well as up and around the loop you’ve glued on. This will give your hive a rounded top and a looped handle! To finish off the top knot, snip the rope within an inch to tuck in between the loop coils.

Step Five:  Add the Entrance by cutting a small loop and gluing it end-to-end, forming a small circle. Glue the circle to the front of your Beehive, closer to the bottom. Fill in the center with black paint or magic marker.

BAM!! Your very own Beehive, or Skep, for around $10-$15 bucks instead of $50!