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Simple can still be fun! These 6 St. Patrick’s Day ideas don’t take much effort

Go for some simple St. Patrick’s Day ideas this year.

Don’t miss an opportunity to make memories with the kids! Even if you’re feeling last minute for St. Patrick’s Day, there is always time to connect with family.

Cami Packer shares six ideas to celebrate the holiday for the simple mom or grandma.

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6 Simple St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Cereal box shamrock garland: Cut shamrock shapes out of a cardboard cereal box and punch two holes in the top with a hole-punch. Paint the brown side with green craft paint using a foam brush. We liked the look of several colors of green paint on each shamrock. String the punched holes with jute into a garland.


Shamrock pretzels: supplies-twisted pretzels, straight pretzels, green candy melts, and sprinkles if desired.

Melt the candy melts, dip the pretzels until completely coated, and arrange on a piece of wax paper into a shamrock shape with a stem, making sure the pretzel pieces are touching snugly. When they dry, they’ll stick together and look like a shamrock.


Shamrock kraft paper table runner: supplies-a length of kraft paper, green craft paint, regular or mini marshmallows (depending on how big you want your shamrocks), toothpicks, and q-tips

Roll out your kraft paper and squeeze paint onto a paper plate. Insert the toothpick into the center of the marshmallow, but don’t poke the toothpick through the other side. Dip the marshmallow “stamp” into the paint, then onto the kraft paper to make three circles in a triangle shamrock shape. Use a q-tip dipped in paint to add a stem. Let dry.


Lucky plate: Cut out a shamrock shape from a piece of green cardstock. Tape it on the back of a plate before dinner. Whoever gets the lucky shamrock under their plate gets a simple prize! You may want to have everyone sit at a place that isn’t their normal spot or stack the plates and have everyone grab their own, so you don’t get accused of favoring anyone or being unfair. 🙂


Read Irish Blessings: Irish blessings are little sayings or proverbs that convey regards or give wisdom or a laugh. Print out some Irish blessings (included as a pdf), cut them into slips of paper and add to a bowl or basket. Have everyone draw out a paper and read it aloud. Discuss by asking things like, what does this mean? Do you agree or not? Does this remind you of something you’ve experienced?

Download Irish blessings here.

Treasure Hunt popcorn bags: Gather several bags of rainbow or green candies. We used microwave popcorn, skittles, gold chocolate coins, green mint m&ms, mini marshmallows, and Andes mints, but any type of candy or substitute would work. Print out the treasure hunt cards and hide each bag of candy in the location of the last clue, or put all the bags in a basket in the final clue location. Save the first clue to give to the treasure-seekers. By the end of the hunt, they’ll have everything they need for a St. Patty’s day treat! We like to assemble a little bit of each candy into a paper bag, and add our names and a little shamrock with a green marker.

Download treasure hunt cards here.


Cami Packer is a wife and mother of five. She loves thrifting, baking, and simple traditions with her family. She believes in the joy and influence of homemaking, and that ALL of us are homemakers regardless of age, gender, employment status, or family circumstance.

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