Simple & Sweet Valentine Treats

Don’t sweat over Valentine sweets. Studio 5 Contributor, Emily Bradley, shares simple ways to add a sweet touch with chocolate Valentine treats.

Dipped Wafers

These are simple yet festive and fun to make. I bought strawberry wafer cookies and dipped one batch in white chocolate, another in red candy melts (milk chocolate would work well, too) and then topped them off with valentine sprinkles and candies. My kids had a great time helping me with this one. We plan on packaging them and sending them to teachers and other helpers at their school.

Raspberry Chocolate Bites

These are perhaps my favorite treat! Simply stuff a chocolate chip (I used white chocolate) into a clean raspberry and then pop it into a little jar (or your mouth!) for a simple, tasty, slightly healthy Valentine treat. The ratio of raspberry/chocolate is perfect. They would even work for a yummy Valentine breakfast treat!

Kiss Picks

These are just Hershey kisses with cupcake toppers stuck in them. I thought they would make a cute treat trail for your Valentine, surprise in a lunchbox, accessory treat on a plate of other goodies, or an easy place card on a Valentine dinner spread. Fun one for the kids to help with. Super easy.

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