Skillet Lasagna

From cooktop to table in less than an hour.
That’s the quick summer cooking style you get
with this stovetop lasagna dish.

Becky Low shares this recipe for a one-pot

Skillet Lasagna
½ pound meat (lean ground beef, Italian sausage, etc)
½ cup chopped onion
2-3 cloves minced garlic
1 can (28-oz) diced tomatoes (3 ½ cups peeled diced
1 teaspoon dried Italian seasoning*
Salt and pepper to taste
6 oven-ready lasagna noodles
¾ – 1 cup part-skim Ricotta cheese or cottage cheese
¾ – 1 cup shredded Mozzarella cheese
fresh snipped Basil

Brown meat with onion and garlic in a skillet with a lid
(note: proportions are for a 10-inch skillet; adjust
amounts as desired to suite pan and family size). As
needed, drain excess fat from meat. Add tomatoes and
seasoning, salt and pepper to taste. Bring sauce to a boil,
reduce heat and gently boil 5-6 minutes.

Remove about 1 ½ – 2 cups sauce. Break noodles in half,
layer half the noodles on top sauce in pan; spread a little
more than half the removed sauce over noodles; place
remaining noodles over sauce topped by remaining sauce.
Cover and simmer about 20 minutes or until noodles are

Remove pan from heat, dot with Ricotta cheese (or cottage
cheese), sprinkle with Mozzarella cheese; cover and let
stand 2-5 minutes or until cheese is melted.

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