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Are skinny jeans really cancelled?! Just put them on pause with these 5 alternatives

Skinny jeans may not be OUT out, but it’s time we tried some new styles.

Gen Z has kindly told the older generation that skinny jeans are cancelled! While they may not be the trend anymore, you can still wear your favorite pair. But why not try out some new options?

Studio 5 Style & Fashion Contributor Casey Matheny shares five alternatives to the classic skinny jean. If you don’t want to branch out too far, a great pair of straight jeans might do the trick. And if you’re not on the jean bandwagon all together, a nice maxi dress is where it’s at.

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5 Alternatives to Skinny Jeans

High Waisted Slouchy Jeans, $40

Wide-Leg Elastic-Waist Pants, $18

Puff Sleeve Jumpsuit, $138

Pull-On Relaxed Jeans, $98

Floral Robe Dress, $55