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Skirt Alert: 5 cute skirt styles to keep you trendy and cool this summer

Instead of shorts… reach for a cute skirt!

If you’re not a shorts girl in the summer, you’re typically a dress girl, right? We agree – easy and breezy for the win, every time! Keep the bottom and mix up the top.

Studio 5 Style Editor Daylan Dove shares five styles to keep you cute and cool all summer long that are versatile, interchangeable, and totally on trend.



Silk Skirts


Maxi A-line Slip Skirt, $21, Target

“I love the way that satin is working so well in the summer in these bright, bold colors,” Daylan said.

“The light actually reflects off of these gorgeous fabrics and tones. It brightens your whole outfit up and it’s not stuffy.”




High Rise Golf Skort, $69, Athleta

“You’re getting the class of the skirt with the movement and freedom of the shorts,” Daylan emphasized.

“It also is really flattering and you’re covering up everything you want to cover up.”


Boho with a Belt


Handkerchief Skirt, $74.50, Bohme

“I don’t know if I’m ready to embrace it yet… but everyone else is so I feel like I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t tell you about it,” Daylan exclaimed.

“It’s the epitome of that easy breezy style and look. That’s why boho keeps coming back. I will say, I think it’s doable.”


Cargo Skirts


Cargo Skirt, $54.50, Bohme

“I think this is going be a super big trend when it comes to, dare I say it, back to school fashion because of its versatility,” Daylan said.

“It’s very structured, it’s super cute, but it’s comfortable and it’s stylish.”


Crochet Skirts


Crocheted Skirt, $49.50, Bohme

“I love it because it does feel like it’s so age appropriate for a lot of different ages,” Daylan emphasized.

“I think the crochet, there’s something about those details in the summer of that light, lovely, flowy…. I love it.”

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