Slow the Flow: Watering Your Lawn

Eric Klotz with the Governor’s Water Conservation Team talks about two quick and important tips you need to know when it comes to watering your lawn.

The Governor’s Water Conservation Team stresses the fact that you should not water during the heat of the day. However, this does not mean you can water everyday of the week, as long as you do it after 6 p.m., but before 10 a.m. You only need to water your lawn when it needs it, but you may not know exactly how to judge the amount of water you need to place on your lawn. For this reason, they created the free Weekly Lawn Watering Guide, which can be accessed from

• With this free resource, homeowners and businesses can access the site and look at the map which easily outlines the number of times in a given week a person should be watering. Just locate your county on the map and identify the color of your county, then match it with the legend on the map that says how many times you should water this week. It’s a simple guide, but they want to show people how they can assure the water they are placing on their yard is being used effectively.

• It is easy to determine how long you have to water your yard to apply a half-inch, which is the recommended amount of water to place on the lawn per watering session. Generally speaking, a popup sprinkler head usually has to run for about 20 minutes, while a rotating sprinkler head would run for 40 minutes.

• It is also important to know how to adjust the automatic timer on your irrigation system. Too many people set it and forget it, which provides too much water for their lawn. This time of year, the average homeowner or business may need to be watering their lawn two or three times per week, depending on the weather and any precipitation. This guide takes that into account and will recommend watering according to the weather. For example, at times it may be necessary to only water once a week due to a heavy rain storm that occurred during the week prior.

• To access the Weekly Lawn Watering Guide, or obtain other tips and resources on water conservation, visit

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