Snowie Shaved Ice Party

Estela Rupp from Snowie shares some of the most popular shaved ice recipes

Tips on How To Make The Best Shaved Ice:

• Don’t pack your shaved ice too much so that it’s a hard ball. You want it to be fluffy and soft when you eat it.

• Temp your ice before putting it in the machine. If your ice is too cold it won’t pack and will eventually freeze up your blade and dull it faster. If your ice is melting, then your shaved ice will be crunchier. Next, take out your ice and let is temp for about 10 minutes. You want the temperature of the ice to be about 15 degrees.

• Pouring syrup: Pour the syrup directly in the middle of the shaved ice. Do not move the syrup bottle all over the shaved ice because you will make a mess, and you won’t know if you have enough syrup on your shaved ice. How do you know if you have enough syrup? Pour directly into the middle of the shaved ice, once it has absorbed 100% of the top of the shaved ice with flavor, then your done.

Estela’s Custom Made Recipes:

• Mounds- Coconut Flavor topped with half n half cream then swirled with Hershey’s chocolate syrup (easy on the chocolate)

• Vanilla Ice cream with both Root beer and Orange = Root beer float & Orangesicle

• Bug Juice flavor with Gummy Worms and Pink Lemon Sour flavor with Lemon heads

Common Shaved Ice Recipes:

• (1) Scoop of vanilla ice cream at the bottom of the cup, shave the ice, and then pour which ever flavor of your choice.

• Orange w/ half n half cream = Orangesicle

• Root beer w/ half n half cream = Root beer Float

• Peaches w/ half n half cream= Snowies’ Peaches n Cream

• Strawberry w/ half n half = Snowies’ Strawberries n Cream

• Coconut w/ half n half = Coconut Milk

• Caramel Apple- Green Apple flavor topped with Caramel ice cream topping

• Strawberries n Chocolate- Strawberry flavor topped with Hershey’s chocolate

Candy Recipes: (Kids really love these, they can find a little surprise every time)

• Shave Ice half way, add Hot Tamales, shave the remaining ice and add “Torcher” flavor

• Shave ice half way, add Gummy Worms, shave the remaining ice and top with “Bug Juice” flavor

• Shave Ice half way, add Lemon Heads, shave the remaining ice and then top with “Pink Lemon Sour” or “Lemon flavor”

• Shave Ice half way, add Bubble Gum, shave the remaining ice and then top with “Bubble Gum” flavor

• Shave Ice half way, add Milk Duds, shave the remaining ice and then top it off with “Carmel flavor”
You can also just add Nerds to any shaved Ice for fun as a topping!

Flavor Combination Ideas:

• Banana Cream Pie = ½ Banana & ½ French Vanilla Flavor

• Cherries & Cream= ½ Cherry & ½ French Vanilla Flavor

• Creamsicle = ½ orange & ½ French Vanilla Flavor

• Peaches n Cream= ½ Peach & ½ French Vanilla Flavor

• Strawberries n Cream = ½ strawberry & ½ French Vanilla flavor

• Raspberries n Cream = ½ Raspberry & ½ French Vanilla Flavor

• Banana Daiquiri = 2/3Banana & 1/3 Daiquiri

• Banana Colada = 2/3 Banana & 1/3 Coconut

• Cherry Daiquiri = 2/3 Cherry & 1/3 Daiquiri

• Cherry Colada = 2/3 Cherry & 1/3 Coconut

• Hawaiian Spike = 2/3 Hawaiian Punch & 1/3 Daiquiri

• Passion Drink = 2/3 Passion Fruit & ½ Daiquiri

• Pineapple Colada = 2/3 Pineapple & 1/3 Coconut

• Pineapple Daiquiri = 2/3 Pineapple & 1/3 Daiquiri

• Raspberry Colada = 2/3 Raspberry & 1/3 Coconut

• Strawberry Daiquiri = 2/3 Strawberry & 1/3 Daiquiri

• Strawberry Colada = 2/3 Strawberry & 1/3 Coconut

• USA = 1/3 Red Raspberry & 1/3 Blue Raspberry & 1/3 Coconut

Snowie has state-of-the-art ice shavers, the ice shaver Estela used is called “Little Snowie”, and retails for $299.00. Snowie also sells syrups and flavor concentrates directly to the public, where to purchase them and the pricing of each can be found on their website:

For more information contact:

Snowie LLC

1006 W. Beardsley Place

SLC, Utah 84110


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