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Is social distancing making us socially awkward? 3 ways to restore a solid human connection

All this isolation might have you feeling socially awkward. Here is how you can bring back that human connection.

It’s been one month since we committed to stay home and stay away from other people, at least by six feet…and we’ve sort of become used to it.

So, here’s a question you might be wondering or feeling in all of this: has social distancing made us socially awkward? Author and life coach Tiffany Peterson shares three ways to restore a solid human connection.



If you find yourself backing away, or even averting your eyes because an in-depth conversation isn’t comfortable at a distance, or behind a mask – you’re not alone. As we start to safely and smartly ease back into some of our daily interactions, here are 3 ways we can restore those essential human-to-human connections.

  1. Remember we are social creatures. We crave connection and community. Yes, there is physical distance in this season and an encouragement with it for health purposes. Yet I think it’s important that while we physically distance we still socially connect.
  2. Cultivate Connection. Eye contact, a hello, conversations online or in person with some space, we can still and hopefully are making the efforts to cultivate connection with others. Examples of being on a walk, still making eye contact, a hello.
  3. Keep the fear in check. Many people are observing that as big as the concern about the virus is the concern about the fear. Are we fearing other humans? Are we pulling back? How are you navigating the fear? I think it’s wise to be aware. To be informed. To honor some physical measures for now while we gather more insight to the particulars of this virus. Yet being conscious and aware that we aren’t fostering a fear-based mindset and behaviors that includes fearing other people.

Tiffany Peterson is a speaker, coach and lover of life! She has helped many people, teams and audiences double, even triple their sales, while cultivating a thriving and meaningful personal life in the process. You can learn more about her work at

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