Spool Photo Stands

Studio 5 Contributor Wendy Smedley says it just takes an afternoon to create a set of delightful and inexpensive photo holders.


• Photos

• Spools

• Sticks such as lollipop sticks, pencils, or dowels as the stand (make sure it fits snuggly through the spool)

• Fan flowers

• Paper, stickers, trim, buttons

• Adhesive

Sources: For unfinished wood spools look at your local craft store such as Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, and Michaels. Also, see these links on Etsy:




1.Embellish your photos

• mat photo if desired

• add stickers

• affix any other embellishments

2. Prepare spools and sticks.

• Color your unfinished wood with the following:

o wood stain- follow package instructions
o dye ink – use applicator such as make up sponge to dab ink on spool, completely cover

o paint

o spray color- this process is less controlled, but quick

• Embellish with paper. Using your favorite complete-coverage adhesive, adhere paper to spool (I used mod podge)

3. Make flowers

• pleat paper in even increments

• adhere two ends to each other

• push down middle and glue to cardboard backing with hot glue

• embellish center

4. Assemble

My spool frames displays are done in sets of three with varying heights.

• adhere wooden stick to back of photo with photo safe tape

• glue stick in spool (I used hot glue)

5. Finish

Look at your display, does it need anything more? do you need to repeat colors of patterns somewhere?

• Add decorative touches such as

• trim around the spool

• trim at the base of the spool

• stickers to the photos

• additional flowers

Wendy blogs about scrapbooking, all things crafty, and her family adventures with five sons at www.wendysmedley.typepad.com

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