Spots and Stains in Your Carpet

John Hopkins, from Zerorez, answers some of the basic questions about spots, stains, and taking care of your carpet.


1. Spot vs. Stain: A spot is something that attaches itself to the outside of the carpet filament—but does not change the color of the carpet fiber. Something becomes a stain when it is accepted into the dye lot of the carpet and is absorbed into the carpet fiber. The dye site holds carpet color—and not all the dye sites are filled. Stains fill up these dye sites.

2. Why do spots reappear?: Spots often imbed themselves in carpet fiber and into the primary and secondary carpet backings. When you only clean the surface, the spot will wick back up to the top. This is frustrating—and occurs because you never really get rid of a spot unless you clean it down to the top of the primary carpet backings.

3. How do you clean a spot properly?: Call a professional—sooner rather than later. The longer the spot is on the carpet, the greater the chance it will become a stain. Don’t use soaps, detergents-don’t let a professional that uses soaps or detergents clean your carpets. Darrin, not all the carpets are the same—we have wool, nylon, synthetic carpets, etc. You really need to know carpets to get out spots. Avoid store brand cleaners—they can set the spot and turn it into a stain. If you are tempted to clean it yourself—don’t use soaps, don’t bloom the carpet fiber by scrubbing or rubbing it too hard—get a white cloth, moisten it with warm water and blot the spot with a rocking motion– don’t pour water on the spot. If this doesn’t work, cover with a moist cloth and call a professional. Be careful–don’t make it worse!

4. How do you clean a stain?: Do don’t. You have to have a professional clean the fibers and you have to use specialty chemicals with heat transfer method to remove the foreign dye from the fiber. Sometimes you have to remove all the dye from the carpet and re-dye it. If this doesn’t work, you have to patch the carpet. You can’t get out all stains and anyone who tells you he can doesn’t know about carpet stains. Can a homeowner get out stains? No. If you’re not a professional you can make it much worse.

5. Why can’t I get Pet odors out of my carpets: Pet stains depend on the type of saint, vomit, feces, urine, etc. If you have a problem you can’t get out, you must have a professional look at it. Most cleaners mask the odor—but it is not gone. The bacteria continues to grow. We use natural enzymes that destroy the bacteria—different enzymes for different matter-and sometimes we have to clean right to the sub floor. This is tricky and you have to do it right to get rid of the odors.

This is the time of year when more of those stains and spots appear. After holiday parties and bad weather take their toll on your carpets, many people want to get them cleaned.
Zerorez even has a special offer which helps your carpets get cleaned and helps feed those less fortunate.

Make a donation to the food bank and you get our holiday special—3 rooms for $99 and if you call today, we will give you a discount on any pet or stain treatment. We get really busy after the holidays so if you want us to clean up after your parties, call right now.


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