Spray Paint 101

Studio 5 Contributor Tausha Hoyt says spray paint can instantly update your home and décor.

I am pretty sure that these are two of my favorite words in the English language!

Spray paint comes in so many colors and finishes. I have yet to meet a decorating piece I couldn’t spray paint. I know you all spray painted something in your life. If you haven’t, you are MISSING OUT! It’s a quick, cheap, easy fix!

What do I spray? Well anything that doesn’t move is a good start.


Do you have brass fixtures at your house? How about doorknobs, light switches, lights, heat vents. Anything that is metal can be sprayed with very little skill.

This idea also goes for outside your home as well. I just recently sprayed my shutters, outdoor lights, house numbers and my front door. It was under 20 bucks and less than 2 hours worth of work. It made such a difference! I wish I would have done it sooner.


Anything plastic can be spray painted. Do those ugly plastic lawn chairs from WalMart need some color in your yard? Grab a can of spray paint (they do make kinds especially for plastic) and paint your heart out! Use fun bright colors. No one will ever call your yard boring again.


Do you have a patio set that has seen better days? They have great hammered/metal/metallic spray paint. It looks awesome on metal patio sets.


How are your kitchen chairs and barstools looking? How about your cupboard doors? Go and find that perfect color and go to town. When you are finished with the paint make sure to hit it with a coat of spray polyurethane. This will protect it from getting knicks and scratches.


How many of us have a wicker chair or two or passed one up at the DI because it was looking a little ragged. A quick coat of spray paint will do just the trick to liven it up! Think of it as happy painting.

Basic Tips:

First: You must get good spray paint. But the stuff that is 3 dollars a can instead of a dollar. I promise it works better. I prefer Rustoleam 2x coat. This stuff is by far the best on the market. It covers beautifully and in half the time.

Second: Make sure whatever you are spraying is clean and dry. Wipe it with a damp rag or spray it down with the hose if you need to. It really is not that fun to spray cobwebs.

Third: A lot of people won’t spray without Primer. I do all the time. But, there are times that you need the primer. This will give something for the paint to stick too. People always ask if you can paint laminate? Yes you can but you must PRIME! And then wait for it to dry completely BEFORE you use the spray paint. You also need to prime when painting glass.

Fourth: Stand at least 24 away from what you are spraying. I know, you are excited to get this done, but if you stand too close, it will run. I PROMISE!

Fifth: Don’t rush the drying process. I am an extremely impatient person. I hate to wait! But when it comes to this, time is your friend. Especially if you are going to be sanding anywhere that you have sprayed. If the paint is at all tacky when you try to sand- let’s just say it’s definitely not a fun thing. Just wait.

Sixth: If you want it to be protected-use a coat of poly. It won’t be super shiny or anything. It just gives it a finish and a protect ant coat.

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