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Spring clean your mind! 3 ways to find more purpose and peace this spring

You spring clean your house, now spring clean your mind!

Each season brings its own unique feeling and personality, often mirroring our moods. This spring, you might find yourself yearning to chase the light, to rejuvenate your space, and refresh your mind – just like the trees outside.

Author and speaker Connie Sokol believes that now is the perfect time to spring clean your mind and soul to discover a renewed sense of purpose.


The Perfect Time for Peace

“This season is just an exhale, isn’t it? And the sun, ah, you just feel like, okay, let’s do this,” Connie shared.

But why now? Why is now the time to take a mental inventory or perform an emotional declutter? Connie believes “We feel this need to refresh. Even with the yard. Get rid of the debris and kind of clean things out and till the earth. That’s how it feels in the home and in your soul. Just like, let’s clear it out.”

The Art of Being Still

The first step in this process is to be still.

“It’s not just being quiet. It’s not just sitting still. It’s really this intentional clearing out of noise and stimulation and being intentional about it.”

One way to achieve this is by turning everyday routines into moments of peace.

“Shower time can be sacred time,” Connie suggested. “We can make it 10 slow minutes of really not thinking about stress, any worries, and just imagining them just going right down the drain, that cascading water, and letting it just wash away.”

Shred Writing: A Powerful Tool

Another powerful tool is shred writing. Another powerful tool is shred writing. Speaker Lyndsey Van Sickle speaks on the power and researched benefits of shred writing, and Connie is a firm believer in its impact.

“You take five, ten minutes, set the timer, and then you just get a piece of paper or a little notebook, and you just start writing everything,” Connie explained. “Emotion phrases, ‘I’m so mad at,’ ‘I’m so frustrated with,’ whatever.”

After you write all your thoughts, you shred it. Tear up the paper, and throw it away! It’s a physical way to let go.

“Do you feel a little crazy in the moment? Kind of! But it’s almost like this release,” Connie said.

The Power of Movement

Finally, it’s time to move.

“When you realize what those things are that are cluttering your mind, get it out physically. You could do the walk with your friends, or you could do a dance party with your kids.”Connie encouraged. Movement can be a powerful tool for releasing emotional clutter and finding a sense of peace and renewal.

For more from Connie Sokol, visit her website, conniesokol.com, where you can learn more about her programs, retreats, books, and coaching. It’s all there for you. Happy spring cleaning!

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