Spring Cleaning with Zerorez

You have enough on your spring cleaning checklist, take carpets off that list and leave them to the professionals.

Scott Arkon from Zerorez says you won’t find a greener carpet cleaning option anywhere else – hence the name Zerorez.

Zerorez is the most advanced technology in carpet cleaning today. Using a patented process, Zerorez takes ordinary tap water and turns it into a super cleaning fluid called Empowered Water. Empowered Water is made using a process of electrolysis instead of traditional cleaning chemicals. This allows Zerorez to clean greener than any other company with a product safe enough to drink. The biggest benefit to consumers is Empowered Water cleans better than detergents and when it evaporates; no residue is left behind; hence the name Zerorez. This means your carpets stay cleaner longer.

The technology is what makes us different but this is still a service industry. And Zerorez technicians are the best in the industry. They arrive well groomed, in uniform, and prepared to serve. Each technician spends more than 200 hours a year in continued education and training. Technicians use corner guards to protect your walls from their hoses. Booties are worn over their shoes anytime they are in the home. And large air movers are used on every job to insure a quick dry time. Other companies talk about customer service but you’ll experience it with Zerorez.

Zerorez is so sure that you’ll love their service, they list every consumer response survey on the front page of their website – unfiltered! At www.zerorezsaltlake.com you can read through what other customers thought about their Zerorez experience live as the survey is submitted. You can see responses from Zerorez to their customers live as well. This is a level of transparency that most companies would never even consider.

With Zerorez you get the best cleaning available today, by technicians who truly care about the customer, and Zerorez proves it.

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Murray, UT 84123
Office (801) 288-9376
Toll Free (866) 937-6739

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