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Spring Outfits for Less Than $50

Craving a wardrobe refresh, but don’t want to blow the budget? Pick up these spring outfits for less than $50.

Paige Sorensen shares five outfits you can pick up now to freshen up for spring.

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5 Outfits Under $50

If Spring has you craving new clothes but you are on a tight budget, no worries! Here are head-to-toe outfits you can buy right now for $50 or less.

Outfit #1 (Every Day Outfit)

Red floral top $12.99, Marshalls
White Jeans $16.99, Marshalls (but can be found everywhere)
Brown slip on flats $12, Target
Wood dangle earrings $3.92, Walmart
Nail Polish $2.48, Walmart
TOTAL: $48.38

Outfit #2 (Busines Casual)

Black t-shirt tucked $8, Kohls
Plaid high waisted pants $12.99, Ross (can be found everywhere)
Black flats $14.99, Target
Hoop earrings $5, Downeast Basics
Nail polish $2.48, Walmart
TOTAL: $43.46

Outfit #3 (Colorful Summer)

Yellow shirt $10.99, Ross
Striped skirt $10.99, Ross
White mule flats $10, Ross
Rectangle earrings $3, Shein.com
Nail polish $2.48
TOTAL: $37.46

Outfit #4 (Casual Fun)

White shirt $12.99, Kohls
Jeans $14.99, Old Navy
Qupid flats $15, Qupid.com (sold in lots of stores)
Tortoise earrings $2.88, Walmart
Nail polish $2.48
TOTAL: $48.34

Outfit #5 (Business Professional)

Red dress $10, Ross
Checked blazer $20, Target
Purple heels $15, Amazon
Purple dangle earrings $3.88, Walmart
TOTAL: $48.88

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