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Spring + Summer Color Trends: 5 unexpected style pairings you’ll love

Here are the latest spring and summer color trends.

Certain colors spring up in fashion each season and when they do, you can’t escape them. They’re everywhere! So how does that all come to be? We’re helping you think like a fashion insider and understand how color trends are decided. Plus, showing you fun ways to make a color trend statement yourself.

Studio 5 Style & Fashion Contributor Casey Matheny shared the hottest color combinations using Pantone’s new spring and summer colors.


The Pantone Process

You might wonder how these trends start. It begins with the Pantone Color Institute, which looks at the colors showcased on the runway. From there, they curate a palette of 10 trending colors and five staple neutrals for the season. This selection then trickles down to every store you visit, influencing the fashion you see every day.

Seasonal Shades

For spring and summer 2024, the palette is a mix of vibrant and neutral tones. Casey advised us to integrate these colors into our wardrobes in the most flattering ways. Whether you’re a fan of bold colors or prefer subtler shades, this season’s palette has something for everyone.

Favorite Picks

Among all the choices, Casey’s favorites include ‘Brush,’ a sophisticated beige, and ‘Orange Aid,’ a lively, bright shade. These colors, along with the rest of the palette, are designed to be mixed and matched.

“You could take really any of those colors and mix and match them together,” Casey emphasized.

Pairing Spring/Summer Colors

Casey demonstrated how to pair unexpected colors,

Rooibos Tea + Brush

Red with khaki creates looks that are eye-catching, yet  flow well together. Casey’s example included an off white graphic tee with black lettering and red cuffs, paired with camel pants. She said a good way to make all the colors flow is to bring that black in elsewhere as well.

“You could take this black and then mimic it in black shoes or a black bag so all of these colors are working really well together,” Casey recommended.

Pastel Lilac + Watercress

Casey paired a louder shirt, primarily in green, with a pop of color with lilac pants.

“Even in the shirt, it’s pulling in that purple with the green. The colors are all playing off of each other,” she said.

Chambray Blue + Brilliant White

Nothing screams summer chic more than denim paired with white. Casey suggested breaking up denim-on-denim with white to add a fresh pop. She shared her tip for styling heavier shirts for warmer weather.

“You can make a heavier shirt work for a warmer season by rolling the sleeves or, just wearing a nicer, lighter white top underneath and having it open,” Casey explained.

As for accessories, Casey said you can go for black or tan depending on your preference.

Lemon Drop + Desert Flower

This pairing is totally unexpected, but very soft and pretty. Casey paired a yellow shirt with a peach cardigan, and finished it of with a white denim. She recommended opting for an off white rather than bright white when it comes to denim.

“It is really harsh on the body. I would choose an ochre or something that is a little bit lighter off white,” she explained.

Mint + Chambray

This is a color combo you might already have in your closet. The hunter green we’re familiar with is called mint this year, and pairing it with a beige and chambray is a classic combination.

“It feels safe, but it’s bright enough to make a statement,” Casey said.

Color trends are a great place to start exploring your creativity when it comes to your personal style. This season, challenge yourself to explore the spring and summer palette and find new combinations that you love to wear.

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