Staying Safe With House Calls

Kent Whipple, with Whipple Service Champions highlights some of the things to watch for to make you and your family stay safe when you invite technicians into your home.

According to the California State Board of Corrections, plumbing and carpentry are the top two vocations taught to inmates. That is one of the reasons Whipple Service Champions does background checks on all of their technicians to make sure none of them have been convicted of a crime that might put our clients at risk.

89% of crimes committed in a home by a technician are committed by un-licensed workers; whether that be plumbing, computer I.T. work or landscaping, etc. (Source: California State Board of Licensing – 2006)

The number one crime reported being committed by technicians in the home is financial information stolen from personal computers left on while workers are in the home.

All Whipple technicians have received the Technician Seal of Safety. Anyone can go to to find out if a company or person has been licensed and certified in their field. This certification guarantees that the technician has been drug tested, background checked and professionally trained.

For more information, you can contact Kent at Whipple Service Champions (801) 355-4433 or online at

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