Studio 5 Ambush Week: 5 Minute Makeovers

She shares tips and tricks for looking your best…in a flash!

Fashion DON’Ts
A few rules you should never break!
DON’T wear pegged jeans. They only emphasize the wider parts of your figure.
DON’T wear sweat pants-unless you are going somewhere to sweat.
DON’T re-hang clothes that are in need of repairs. Fix them first.
DON’T wear clothes that hang or that hug (too big or too small)
DON’T carry a duffle bag disguised as a purse. (Simplify!)
DON’T imitate trends that don’t work for YOU. You will be a better YOU than your BEST imitation of someone else.

A Handy Handbag
Things every style savvy girl should have on hand!
    • Lip gloss
    • Small scented lotion
    • Hand sanitizer (triples as stain treatment)
    • Safety pins
    • Bull dog clip
    • Duct tape
    • Tissues

Style Pick-Me-Ups!

    • Moisturize. Everywhere! Slather it on, rub it in. Inhale the        scent, massage it in, abolish alligator skin.
    • Wear color. Anywhere. Your eyes, your lips, around your        neck, around your waist, on your feet, on your shoulder
    • Compliment. Anyone! Look outside yourself to find something        great about a complete stranger. Then stop them and SHARE!
    • Body Spray. Anytime. For a refreshing mist of happy, find a        scent you love and then spritz, spray, smile
    • Jean Joy. Always. Any time you put on your jeans, you should        feel like a million bucks. If not, it is time to make a little        investment in YOU!

Join us tomorrow (Tuesday, February 15, 11:00 a.m.) for another Studio 5 Ambush! Meet up with Contributor Jennifer Heslop at Abode (20 South 900 East, Salt Lake City) for instant trash-to-treasure transformations…or tune in live to see what she makes, in only minutes!

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