Studio 5 Human Lab: Tide Total Care

In this month’s “Studio 5 Human Lab” three viewers put Tide Total Care to the test.

In the last few months, Proctor & Gamble has introduced a new product to the market: Tide Total Care. It claims to go beyond cleaning to help reveal the 7 signs of beautiful clothes. Those seven signs are:

1. Clean

2. Color

3. Shape

4. Finish

5. Softness

6. Pill Prevention

7. Stain Fighting

We asked Studio 5 viewers Melanie Easton, Wendy Hyde, and Kara Reeder to use Tide Total Care for three weeks to determine if the claims were true. We gave them the following rating system:

1 = Don’t waste your money

2 = Not yet a fan

3 = Liked it (but, wouldn’t necessarily label as a “must buy”

4 = Really like it (product delivered on its claims)

5 = Love it! (It’s a great value and I would purchase in the future)

Here are their results:

Melanie Easton


– Not as much static

– Smelled good

– Softened jeans

– Price comparable (with her personal brand, i.e. Tide)

Wendy Hyde


– Cleaned dirt stains better.

– Smelled better going into wash (but not out of drier)

– Eco-friendly.

– Price not comparable with personal brand.

Kara Reeder


– Dislike smell.

– Didn’t finish the bottle

– Cleaned fairly well.

– Not much fading.

– Whole line is overrated.

– Nice hand.

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