Studio 5 Question of the Week: Interesting Fridge Finds

OK, this is real gross. I had bought a bag of gapes and left them in the fridge for a couple days. When I got them out to wash and separate them from the stems I found a hairy ball of fur and legs inside one of the grape clusters. I immediately freaked out and would not go near the sink till my husband investigated. He checked it out and determined it was the sloughed skin of a very large tarantula that had apparently been living in the grapes sloughed its outer skin then moved on. Luckily it moved on before ending up in my home or I would have to have moved. See I told you gross. I check my grape purchases very carefully now.

-Mirinda L.

I was asking my 22 mo. old to throw away hers and he sisters diapers through out the morning and every time she would go to the kitchen I heard some banging around and just thought she was throwing the lid to the garbage on the floor each time she threw a diaper away. Well to my surprise, when I went to throw the garbage out there weren’t any diapers to be found and I was so confused. A little later I went to make my daughter her lunch and when I went to grab the jelly I realized that I had to dig behind a rolled up dirty diaper to find it! Putting two and two together and grossed out I started looking through my fridge and found not one, not two, but three more diapers! One on my bottom shelf and two in the veggie crisper! The banging around that I heard was the crisper, now named the “Crap Trap!”

-Brandee B.

When I was about 13 or so I found “a hunk of ice” in our fridge. My mother lost the diamond in her wedding ring and after days of turning the house inside out and upside down with no luck she reluctantly gave up hope of finding her diamond. Days later, I was doing what any normal 13 year old girl would do (looking for a snack in the fridge) and found what I thought was one of my play “precious gems” on top of a sour cream container and thought, “what is that doing in here?”. When I looked at it closer I realized that it was no rhinestone but my mother’s missing diamond to her wedding ring. Needless to say my father was THRILLED. So I cleaned it up and wrapped it in a box to give to my mom who cried then laughed when I told her where I found it. Best present I ever gave my mom.

Alana W.

My husband loves to fish and sometimes I find a carton with leftover bait in my refrigerator. I have found meal worms and night crawlers.

-Marilyn G.

When I took the lettuce out of the crisper and found two cups with lids on, full of night crawlers!!! Hubby had a fishing trip planned.

-Diane M.

Our daughter is married to an avid hunter. She once opened her freezer and had a pig head roll out onto the floor. Her husband was saving it for the taxidermist.


Question: What’s the most surprising thing you’ve found in your fridge? Answer: MY 2 YEAR OLD SON! The scene: A sunny St. George fall day, with many of the neighborhood kids enjoying being off-track from school. Early in the week following Thanksgiving 1993, my seven-year-old son was playing outside, raking the fall leaves into a pile. He and his friends were taking turns jumping into the pile and then raking the leaves back together to do it again. My three-year-old daughter was enjoying the fun with them too. I was checking on the activities from out my front window while going about my work inside. My two-year-old toddler was hanging out in the house with me. After just a couple of minutes, I noticed that my younger son was missing. Where was he playing? I checked all the normal play areas. No Bradley. I re-checked all the rooms in the house–no Bradley. Could he have gone outside with the big guys? I looked out the window—but no Bradley. I think that I rechecked all the rooms in the house again–no Bradley! I couldn’t see him anywhere through the back patio door either. Where could he be? How could he vanish! While passing through the kitchen to see if he went outside through the garage, I thought that I heard noises in the kitchen. It seemed crazy. I couldn’t see anyone, or anything. I opened the dishwasher–just to be sure–no Bradley. Be real, I thought! Just to cover all the bases, I opened the fridge, too. THERE WAS BRADLEY! I couldn’t believe my eyes! How? Why? I had previously had a large pan with the remains of the Thanksgiving turkey on the middle shelf in the fridge. I had just boiled the bones to get anything left on for soup. This left half of a large shelf empty, just Bradley’s height. Being the independent soul that he was (and still is), he must have been reaching for something in the very back. He stepped up on the bottom lip of the fridge and reached. This allowed the fridge door to close on his little body! I panicked at what I was seeing, but grabbed him and hugged him, in relief. It couldn’t have been more than three or four minutes, but what a scare! I’m so thankful that the incident didn’t turn out differently! The moral of the story: Never clean out your fridge and leave an empty shelf! (Just kidding)

-Ann C.

I was in the middle of scrapbooking one time and went to get the kids a snack, but when I came back to my craft room, my Cutterbee scissors were nowhere to be found. I ended up purchasing a new pair, and found my old ones a few days later behind the condiments in the door of the fridge! Can’t have too many Cutterbee’s, right?

-Brittney V.

I found a tick that we had saved, in a little bottle, from last summer when we got one out of our son’s neck while camping! We saved it just incase he had any Lyme Disease-type symptoms, thinking maybe the tick could be tested? Yes, weird and gross!

-Meghan S.

Meal worms. As a teacher, it is surprising the things you will put in your fridge. Meal worms are small yellow creatures. I refused to even touch them, including in front of my students, but the students had a blast with them.


When my son was just a toddler we would find that his favorite blanket would go missing quite often. After much searching we found his “blanky” tucked into a refrigerator shelf. He continued doing this because he liked his “blanky” cold. We then knew that if it were to go missing the fridge was the first place to look.

-Diane E.

The most surprising thing I ever found in my fridge was a dirty pull-up diaper. I have a 3 year old daughter named Rachel. This past summer we tried really hard to get her potty trained. Whenever she would have an accident in her pull-up she didn’t want us to know so she would hide it somewhere in the house so we would not know. One night in particular I was trying to decide what I was going to make for dinner so I went to my fridge and started to look through so I could hopefully try and invent something. I opened one of the vegetable drawers in the bottom of my fridge and there it was!! I was definitely surprised.

-Jenny N.

Although I’ve seen my fair share of unidentifiable foods, I’m going to have to go with baby toys! Glow worm, dolls, books–for some reason our daughter thinks the fridge is a pretty neat place. More than bad food, it always shocks me to find things she’s put in the fridge that are totally out of place!


<>Our pet rat…the kids put him in their after he had died. They wanted to bury him, but were not sure where…so they wrapped him up and put him in the fridge to keep him fresh…I guess you could say.

-Becky R.

I opened my fridge and to my surprise I found my granddaughter’s Barbie and a fly flew out of my fridge and was still alive.

-Lorieann G.

My car keys!!!! I couldn’t find them for several days and finally located them in the fridge! I was in a hurry, of course, when I got home and was putting away my groceries and must have unknowingly slipped them in there.

-LaRae K.

I opened my fridge on morning because I could hear a’scratching’ sound. Inside I found a big box–the scratching seemed to be coming from it. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found 8 live lobsters! My husband had returned home late the night before from a business trip to Boston, Mass. The day before his return he had called and asked me what I wanted him to bring me for a souvenir. I jokingly told him I wanted a lobster–my favorite food. He really took me seriously! We enjoyed a wonderful lobster fest that night!

-Marli W.

The most surprising thing I have EVER found in my fridge was WORMS…night crawlers! My husband and boys went fishing, came home and put the leftover can of night crawlers in my fridge. The bad thing was, they crawled out and got down on the bottom -, so when I opened the fridge one night in the dark, they got out. I stepped on them and you have never seen a dance like I did that night. My family laughed and laughed! I nearly had a heart attack, because worms squish under your feet. GROSS!!

-Bonnie P.

I am a 28 year old bachelor who has lived with roommates for the last 9 years. You can imagine that I have found some very gross and disgusting moldy items in the fridge. The most surprising however wasn’t something that gets moldy. The funny thing is that I had been looking for it for 2 days before I found it in the fridge. It was the TV remote control. We weren’t sure exactly how it got there but there it was in the bottom of the fridge.


I had found the remote to the television in the fridge against the back wall, and another time was my cell phone.

-Joshua F.

While still living at my parent’s home, I opened the fridge and noticed a movement in a Tupperware container. Most food items DON’T move, so that was a big surprise! Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the family pet (a cockatoo) had been stored by my younger brother. I guess he just needed to “chill out.” Luckily, though the cockatoo was slightly frigid, he hadn’t been sealed correctly, so he survived with enough air until I rescued him.

-Loni S.

We’ve found a few items, but the funniest ones were Lego’s and the remote that we looked for 3 days!!!

-Marcela J.

The most surprising thing I found in my fridge was my cell phone inside a bag of salad. I’m not sure if I accidentally put it here or if one of my daycare kids did it…but it was definitely was a surprise to find it in there!

-DeAnn S.

The craziest thing I found in my fridge were my keys. I was searching the house for my lost keys. Finally, I decided to just stay home. While I was making lunch for my kids, I opened the fridge…and there they were! It was a good find!

-Brittany B.

We had major ongoing problems with a new fridge & after many service & phone calls, it was declared a lemon while still under warranty. When the new replacement fridge was delivered, we noticed lots of feathers flying out of the back when we plugged it in. Immediately we heard noises coming out of the fridge. We thought there were birds in the fridge, but upon further investigation we found it was a huge nest full of very lively MICE! Not the kind of options we had hoped for! We couldn’t remove our front door fast enough for my liking to get the fridge out of the house. The delivery guys were long gone & we had mice running around!! My husband had to take the day off of work to help resolve the problem as I was so upset. To add further to the situation, we had a total of four new refrigerators delivered until we got one without mice or huge dents/damage. We are not lucky when it comes to new appliances!

-Tammy L.

My son loves to put plastic bugs, dinosaurs, and miniature trolls in the freezer. He puts them in a baggie with water and freezes them. It is always surprising to open the freezer door and see a bunch of bugs staring at you. I screamed the first time it happened. I also have found toys hiding in the fridge as well. I am not sure why my son loves to hide things in our fridge and freezer. It definitely keeps me on my toes and reminds me to clean out the fridge.

-Alie L.

When I was younger my mom was cleaning out the fridge and had removed all the shelves. I guess I thought it would be a great hiding spot. When my mom couldn’t find me she started calling my name. She could hear a faint answer but couldn’t find me. Eventually she found me in the fridge and it was a scary experience for both of us.

-Stephanie H.

A muskrat skin on a stretcher was in found in my fridge. Also paint brush rollers wrapped in a plastic bag so we can continue painting.

-Nancy L.

So I cleaned out the fridge yesterday…. I found 2 large paint rollers,1 small paint roller, and 3 paint brushes. I know its weird, but (this is the bad part) about a year ago, I repainted the house. Since you can’t do it all in one day and I didn’t want to wash them out each day, I would wrap them tightly in plastic and put them in the fridge. A painter friend told my mom about this little secret, which actually works for a few weeks. Not so much for a year. I still need to do a few touch ups. I just never got back to it. Someday soon I hope, with new rollers.


My 3 year old put my comb and a few of his hot wheel cars in the fridge.

-Kristi R.

One of the “best” things that I found in our fridge was actually real food, but in my daughters play kitchen fridge. What a smell and sight. We constantly have to look in there and we still are finding things every now and then – what a cutie she is, but what a smell it was!

-Erin G.

Besides the normal food that looks like it mutated into an alien while it was ignored at the back of the fridge, I’d have to say I have found two surprising things in my fridge 1. as a child my parents used to hide bowls of Easter candy around the house with our names attached and send us to go looking for them. They hid them in the flour jar (bowl was saran wrapped) in the piano, etc. One year, I found mine in a cottage cheese container in the fridge! 2. My son has a penchant for putting things in weird spots. So, I once opened the vegetable drawer in our fridge to find a shoe that I had been looking for. Talk about chilly piggies!

-Laura M.

I remember a time that I was putting groceries away and I left the fridge door open, turned around to grab something off the counter and turned back around and a cat was in the fridge! Sneaky little stinker!

-Amanda P.

I have never really found anything out of the ordinary in the fridge, however, when we had kids around the house we were always finding a very good “science project” in there. You know, something that had been in the fridge long enough it was unrecognizable and covered in green, fuzzy stuff any scientist would love to look at through a microscope.

-Lynn N.

My husband is a fanatic about running, one morning I open the fridge to get milk and there is a pair of running shoes on the shelf. He called later and said he was afraid he had put his shoes on the roof of his truck and had lost them. We had a good chuckle about where he had really left them in the morning haze.

-Rose F.

A flashlight.

-Janet W.

The worst thing I ever seen in our freezer was a DEAD BADGER! Holly cow I opened up the freezer to get some hamburger and all I saw was this furry bug eyed big sharp teeth razor sharp claws and three feet of a frozen thank goodness animal it wasn’t hidden or covered by any means just stuffed in the freezer for all to see and see I did! I screamed and ran for support! My brother said yah isn’t that the coolest thing I found it on the side of the road dead so I grabbed it so I could have it stuffed! Nasty! Scorn for life I am always couscous when I open the fridge. But I do have to confess when my friends would come over I would say can you get me something out of the freezer just to hear their reaction, the moral to that is you never know how you’ll get paid back!

-Sandy A.

When I was a little girl, I heard the urban legend about somebody who dies and ask to be freeze until somebody can bring him to life, then the next days I found a dead bird in my front garden, so I took it and put him in a Tupperware an lived in mi refrigerator for a couple days and forget about it, when my mom found him she creep out and start screaming/asking who was the responsible for that bad joke; so I have to tell her the whole history, after all the confusion we did a funeral for the little bird.

-Tany H.

-Chantel D.

Okay, this is disgusting, so brace yourself! Not my freezer, my parents, but the gross part is that the things were in there intentionally. About 10 years ago my parents had a nursing student living in their home. This woman was an animal lover and, while a kind person, took her love for animals way overboard and was a bit odd. I lived near my parents at the time and dropped by for a visit. I opened their kitchen freezer to get some ice and found a huge crow frozen solid! It seems the student had found the crow dead in the yard several WEEKS earlier and decided to freeze it to preserve it for some unknown reason. Things went downhill from there. Several months later my husband and I were over for dinner; the nursing student was still living there. Again, I opened the freezer and noticed a large plastic bag on the bottom shelf. Fortunately I couldn’t see through it. I asked my dad what was inside and he said their close friends’ very old, sickly terrier that they had been caring for that week had died 3 days earlier. The owners were out of town and were returning soon. The nursing student had convinced them that the best course of action was not to call the owners or the vet but to put the dog in the freezer until they returned. AUGH! Otherwise my parents were quite normal but this horrified me so much I couldn’t eat dinner!


One early evening, my husband and I were out to dinner. We came home and had the sickest smell it was unbearably strong. My son, who was 12-14 years old at the time, was out pheasant hunting that day. Our family members are very avid hunters. Well, he decided to shoot a skunk to have it mounted with the pheasant. It took us 3 months to get the smell out the house and freezer.

-Julie P.

One winter my husband got laid off and got a job at a gas station. Everyday I had to take his lunch out to him. One day I opened the fridge to start his lunch and there on the shelf (not in a box or anything) was a big lizard with his eyes blinking at me. I yelled at my son to come get the lizard because he would kill it and he calmly told me that “it was for my dad’s lunch.”

-Gayla L.

A dead guinea pig in the freezer!!!

-Kathy H.

Not my fridge, but my freezer! My older brother and I were in Junior High I believe. He was learning about hibernation at school. I had a couple of pet goldfish that I really loved. He decided to see if he could get it to hibernate by putting it directly into the freezer in a small jar. Of course, the intense cold at one time, instead of gradual cold, caused the death of my gold fish. You can imagine my mother’s surprise when she opened the freezer to find a jar of frozen goldfish!!!!

-Charlotte H.

Dawn dishwashing liquid…I wasn’t paying attention when I put away my groceries…

-Chria B.

I’ve found a paintbrush in the freezer. And I’ve found the mail in the fridge before too.


This is something I have never shared for the embarrassment. I always pack a lunch for my husband because he works nights. His lunch is packed in a grocery bag and I place it on the door knob for him and he grabs it when walking out the door. Before going to bed I seen the bag on the door and thought he had forgot his lunch so I grabbed it and put it in the fridge.(I am a very busy Mom doing a thousand things at a time.) The next night I had forgotten I had put his lunch back into the fridge and packed another. It was not until a couple of days later I was looking for something for lunch when I took the bag from the drawer of the fridge and placed it on the counter. I could not believe what I was looking at when I opened it to find dirty diapers in it. I was so disturbed and grossed out – I could not figure out why this bag of dirty diapers was in my fridge. It took a few moments for my mind to wrap around where it came from…This was the worse thing I have ever found in my fridge.

-Denise T.

I discovered a container of worms left over from summer fishing trips! Hmmm… maybe still time to go fishing before the weather gets any worse. I think there are even some live ones left in it! Yup, they’re still alive. Thank goodness they don’t stink. Wonder if they’ll make it till Spring??

-Colleen S.

<>Several months ago, I found a piece of our wedding cake in the back of our extra fridge in the basement. That wouldn’t be unusual – a lot of people keep a piece of their wedding cake. The unusual part is that our wedding was 37 years ago next month!

-Maya L.

When my granddaughter lived with me, she could not find her cell phone for about 5 days. Then she went to get some vegetables out of the vegetable bin in the fridge, low and behold there was her cell phone. Battery dead, but intact. That was the most unusual find in the fridge.

-Jeanne L.

I found our dustpan and brush in our fridge once. My teenage sun talks non-stop. In doing so, he sometimes doesn’t pay attention to what he is doing. I had asked him to put the dustpan and brush away earlier. When I was looking for it later that evening, it was nowhere to be found. I looked in the fridge and voila!! There it was. If you have a teenage son, you know how they frequent the fridge!


A deer!! When my son shot a deer last year, we hung it in the tree out back to age before we cut it up, but then the weather turned warm. We took all the shelves and drawers out of the fridge, put all the food in coolers, and made room for the 2 deer halves. The door kept coming open, so we had to duct tape it shut. Can you say “Redneck!?”

-Debbie N.

The most embarrassing and surprising thing I found in our fridge was our spare set of car keys. I had been looking and looking for them, and had searched our home high and low. They ended up in the fridge! Don’t ask me how. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a mom and your mind is on several different things.

-Emily W.

I had quite a full fridge, with quite a lot of leftovers from over several days. I thought I’d see if I could make a quick meal from some of them, while throwing the rest out. I quickly grabbed a canning jar, wondering what on earth I’d put in there. When I opened it, I was overwhelmed with a sickening, putrid odor. As I looked in the jar, there were about 10 dead, stinky grasshoppers!

-Terrie M.

I found some interesting stuff today. For starters a large pickle jar that only had juice and 4 small pickles in it. As I searched deeper into the fridge I found a concoction of tuna fish, grated cheese, sliced deli meat, mixed together with I think some sort of salad dressing or mayonnaise. It was gross looking as it was starting to grow other things. Not sure how long ago my 12 year old son put that together.

-Lynette B.

This is not me but a friend from Colorado e-mailed me on Saturday to ask me if a jar of apple butter dated 1992 would still be good. I laughed out loud!!!

-Camille S.

“What’s that smell?” that was my question as I sniffed every cupboard, counter, and drawer in my kitchen. For about a week this smell, which was so horrible it cannot be described, was making me crazy. Finally I started ripping everything apart and cleaning it. As I pulled the drawers from the bottom of my fridge I found it, a slimy green LEMON!! How it got underneath there I will never know.


The most surprising thing that I have found in my fridge is a Smith’s grocery bag of rocks, yes, rocks from the ground outside. When asking my son why he had a rock collection in my fridge, I was told, “I am saving them for later, you will see.” To this day, the rocks are still there and I have yet to see what he has planned to do with them.

-Kira S.

Marci S.

During the holidays I like to have frozen shrimp on hand. I have not bought shrimp since last holiday season. After hearing your question of the week, I was looking through my fridge I found some shrimp cocktail sauce. I saved it because I thought I might use down the road. I was surprised when I noticed that the sauce was not only expired, but had started growing mold on the top. YUCK!!

-Kim D.

When we bought our house there were eggs and Dr. Pepper in the fridge that had been there for a YEAR!! The smell was horrible! We bought a new fridge before we moved in.

-Amanda G.

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