Studio 5 Rate & Reveal: Best New Family Games

We’ve been selling our opinions, making tough decisions, merging companies and thinking fast. We’ve flipped, rolled, raced, sorted and slammed. And now it’s time to reveal, the Studio 5 staff picks for best new top NEW family games for 2009.

It’s a result of our informal test of over 20 new family games. Keep in mind we don’t conquer worlds with games that require extended play (although those can be fun, don’t get us wrong.) We look for the best new games this year that are easy to learn, quick to play, appeal to a wide age range, and promote overall good family fun.

Pick #1: The Brain Tickler: Word on the Street, by Out of the Box, $25

Pick #2: The Strategic Surprise: Jishaku, by RSV Productions, $20

Pick #3: Gets People Talking: Life’s a Pitch, by Zobmondo, $25

Pick #4: The Ice breaker: Scrabble Slam, by Hasbro, $7

Pick #5: Most laughs: Funny Business, by Gamewright, $25

Studio 5 offers two more irresistible games. Technically not “new” this year, these games are also great family fun.

Wackee Six

Can You See What I See? Finders Keepers Game

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