Studio 5 Trendspotter: Spring-Inspired Lanterns

Michelle Virtue with BYU Campus Craft and Floral offers a Spring-inspired lighter lantern look!

These basic little light boxes once served a practical purpose. Now they simple highlight other favorite décor items and objects. But put away the pumpkins. We’re so over ornaments. Here are fresh filler ideas that just say “Spring!”

Fresh/Silk Flowers and Plants
Antique Books (or aged paperbacks work great, too)
River Rocks
Pillar Candles (battery operated are best)
Sand and Seashells
Feathers (down filled pillows are awesome)
Folded fabric bunches
Framed Photos
Clothing Patterns
Small Wreaths
Blown or Artificial Eggs
Shredded Newspaper
Fresh or Artificial Fruit
Votives in Glass
Wheat Grass
Yarn Balls
Attached Novelty Butterflies
Spring/Summer Bulbs
Terrarium Plants
Antique Jars/Bottles
Mini Lamp
Birds’ Nests
Pinecones or Dried Pods

For more great home décor inspiration, visit:
Campus Craft and Floral
1021 WSC
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-2840

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