Style File: Fall Trends 2009

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone says this season offers something for everybody.

Fashion has evolved once again and the 70’s and 80’s are the eras of influence. Look at the trends and find what works within your personal style, figure type and comfort level. Remember, regardless of what the fashion industry says, if it doesn’t look good on YOU, it will never be in style for YOU.


• Strong shoulders are back. Angular tops can balance out a fuller bottom. Look for shoulder pads in shirts, jackets and sweaters. Not as “big” as the 80’s but shoulders are definitely more defined.

Note: If you already have broad shoulders, avoid this trend!

• Bold colors on a black ensemble make this season’s statement. The bolder the color, the more trendy you become. Black and white with a hint of bold color or shimmer (gold lamé, gunmetal sequins, copper appliqué) keeps this trend open to all ages and lifestyles.

Holly’s Picks:

Dress, $30.00

Scarf, $11.99

Belt, $9.50

Leggings, $17.00

Season’s Boutique

Sandy, Utah


Leather head to toe, ripped denim, fedora hats, this look is all about rock and roll. From chains and studs- to skirts with thigh high boots, the trend is more edgy for those who want to explore an expressive style outside of the classic silhouettes.

Holly’s Picks:

Skirt, $56.00,

Leggings $9.00

Shirt $32.00

Lace Shirt, $29.00

Hat $15.00

Necklace $69.00

Bracelet, $18.00

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American Fork, Utah


Wear them all: shirt, sweater, vest, swing jacket, scarf, this is the trend to layer. To achieve the most flattering look, make sure that not all of the layers are made of bulky fabrics. The more bulky each layer is, the larger your figure will appear. If you layer a shirt, sweater and vest remember to choose at least one of the layers in a lighter weight fabric.

Holly’s Picks:

Jeans, $89.00

Lace long sleeve shirt, $29.00

Shirt, $32.00

Shirt, $39.00

Bracelets, $26.00

Our Little Store Boutique

American Fork, Utah


The boots keep getting higher and higher. Above your knee or to your thigh is the fad of Fall 2009. Paired with skirts, shorts, or even over leggings, these boots add fun to any outfit. To maximize the versatility, invest in a neutral color that goes with many items in your wardrobe

Holly’s Pick:

Jeans $74.99

Cami $8.50

Jacket $34.00

Season’s Boutique

Sandy, Utah

Boots: (Free overnight shipping AND free returns!)


This is the “must-have” item for Fall 2009! Available beginning around $15 (Forever 21 stores in most malls), a vest is the statement piece to own for Fall 2009. Paired with a tee-shirt and jeans, worn with a blouse and skirt, or layered under a sweater, this multi-wear item can bring an element of sass to any wardrobe. From the classic style to funky half-length vests, vests are available in cotton and wool to leather, suede, and velveteen. Color doesn’t matter. Shape and style doesn’t matter. You will see a tremendous variety. Choose what feels comfortable to you. The vest is a playground for you to have fun with. Experiment with belts, scarves, or wear your vests under and over your clothing. The vest is a great way to play with this season’s trends.

Holly’s Pick:

Vest $18.00

Shirt $47.00

Belt $9.50

Jeans, From $74.00

Season’s Boutique

Sandy, Utah

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