Style File: Fashion Tricks to Help You Feel More Confident

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone shares five ways to look and feel your best.

1) Hide with Hemlines

Pay attention to where your skirt, sleeve and Capri hem ends. If you have fuller arms, make sure your sleeve doesn’t end at the fullest part of your arm because it will make your arm appear EVEN FULLER. Same applies to skirt and pant hem. Make sure that the hem does not end at the largest point of your thigh, knee or calf. This will draw attention to the widest part of your leg. Instead, it should fall above or below the widest part of your leg for the most flattering look.

2) Tan Legs = Leaner Legs

To make your legs appear leaner, use sunless tanner. Remember light advances, dark recedes. A bright, white leg will call attention to itself while a tan leg will be minimized. Even cellulite can be more camouflaged with a shadowy tan.

To apply sunless tanner:

• Shave legs

• Exfoliate (use a loofah, a sugar scrub, a skin polisher)

• Apply sunless tanner using latex gloves or plastic baggie (If you use your bare hands, make sure you wash them immediately after)

• Make sure you apply evenly

• Let dry a minimum of 20 minutes before putting your clothes on

3) Pocket Placement

Pocket placement can create an illusion. When wearing denim, the type of pocket and where it is placed can yield all sorts of illusions.

• If you have a flat bottom: opt for pockets that sit higher on the bottom so as to not drag it down. Also look for pockets with a lot of detail to give the illusion of fullness

• If you have a wide bottom: opt for pockets that are closer together

• If you have a full bottom: opt for pockets without a lot of detail

Key to great denim: the cut. Never buy pegged leg jeans. The boot cut is most flattering to all figure types. Jean hem should hit the bottom of your heel in whatever heel height you are wearing.

4) Choose a Purse Bigger than Your Build

The smaller your purse is in relation to your figure type, the bigger you will look. If you are full figured, opt for a bigger purse. A smaller purse will actually make you look bigger than you truly are. For all figure types, choose a purse that is slightly bigger than your proportions so it makes you, by contrast, appear smaller. Clutches for evening wear fall outside this rule. A larger bag for evening would be considered too casual.

5) V-Neck is Best

A v-neck is the most flattering of necklines. It opens up the long, lean vertical line towards your face. It is also very flattering on someone who has a round or full face. Crew neck is the least flattering neckline. It mirrors a fuller or round face and makes it appear more full. It also cuts you off at the awkward base of your neck line and can make you appear “stuffy”.

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