Style File: How to Wear White

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone breaks down the do’s and don’ts of summer white.


• Wear white pumps with white stockings. This is only OK if you are a nurse!

• Wear scuffed up or dirty shoes. Keep them in good condition with regular cleaning and care.

• Wear printed or bold colored underwear. You never know how the light might catch you and your unmentionables.

• Leave home without an on-the-go spot remover. Accidents happen and white is unforgiving. Tide makes a great spot remover pen which is portable.

• Put your white clothes on first. Do your hair and make-up and put your white on last. This will eliminate potential for stains.

• Create a line of contrast at an unflattering place on your figure. The eye goes to where there is contrast-the difference between light and dark. If you wear a dark shirt over white pants, make sure that where the dark meets the light, it is at a flattering point. You don’t want to draw eyes to a wider part of your body. (SHOW VISUALLY?)

• Wear tight white pants if you have excess weight. White is the most unforgiving color when it comes to revealing all. Make sure that if you wear tight white, you are comfortable with what you are revealing. Any figure size can wear white. It is just in how the fabric drapes on the body which deems it flattering or unflattering.

• Wear dark shoes with all white clothing. Dark shoes create a stopping point for the eye and will emphasize your feet. If you are going to be head to toe in white, wear a neutral shoe to continue the long, lean vertical line.


• Wear white!! Don’t be afraid based on your lifestyle. Bleach is very effective at removing most stains. If you are concerned about kids, the dog, dirt, or that juicy hamburger opt for a less expensive wardrobe piece that you can discard after several washes.

• Wear white ANY time of year. Gone are the days of the stringent, white only between Memorial Day and Labor Day. When breaking this old rule, pay attention to the fabric and outdoor temperature. You wouldn’t want to wear a bright white cotton skirt in the winter. However, an egg shell or off-white wool skirt would work nicely. White tennis shoes are a year-round staple. (The rule DOES apply however to formal, political or conservative events)

• Have your white suit tailored to fit you. White advances to the eye and puts all detail on display. An untailored white suit will look sloppy and unflattering.

• Select quality fabric. Look for heavier count cottons, linen and some manmade fabrics or wool. This can help minimize the undergarment “see-through” effect.

• Wear head to toe white. This is a sophisticated classic. You can add turquoise or coral jewelry to add a splash of color.

• Wear nude hose with white.

• Pay attention to your personal coloring when choosing white. If you have high contrast in your personal coloring (ie dark hair and pale skin), you can support high contrast in color (black and white) much easier than one who is blond and fair.

• Understand there IS a difference between pure white and off white with regards to complementary clothing selection. Stark or “true white” is cool by nature and will look the most harmonious if paired with a cool colored complement. Silver metal is the most flattering for true white. Cream or off- white is warm by nature and will look most flattering if paired with a warm colored complement. Gold is the most flattering metal for cream or off white.

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