Style File: The Collared Shirt

It used to be a style reserved for the working woman – stuffy, formal and definitely not fashionable. Well, button up – because the collar shirt has made a comeback.

Fashion blogger Stephanie Abbott of “The Salt Blog” explains how this polished piece can work for the everyday woman.

Denim or Chambray Shirt

If you add one thing to your wardrobe this spring, make it a chambray or denim shirt. It is hands down one of the easiest things to wear. A few styling tips: First, try pairing the masculine denim with an ultra feminine bottom, like a flowing maxi skirt or dress. Tie your shirt at the waist, or tuck it into the skirt for an effortless, chic look. Second, denim and chambray are neutrals. They make a perfect backdrop for bright colors, prints, and patterns. Third, wear your chambray as a layering piece, either as a jacket over a tee, or under a sweater. If you are sick of the same old Chambray and denim shirt, try one that has a jeweled collar or detailed hardware!

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The Statement Stripe

If you are looking to stand out with little effort, try a striped collared shirt. Whether the stripes are big, small, or colored this will be an eye catching staple in your wardrobe. This shirt is the perfect piece to mix with other patterns and trends. So have fun with it. The one thing we recommend looking at if you do pair it with patterns, is to make sure the colors go well together. You can dress it up or down so whether you are going to a wedding or just hanging out at the park, you will look fab! Our favorite way to style this shirt is with some boyfriend jeans and only tucking in the front of the shirt. Add a cute belt or clutch and you are set.

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Electrify Your Neutrals

A shot of pink or any bright, happy color can infuse your basics with a pop of intrigue! We recommend a bright color in a silky fabric that fits and flatters, not bags or bursts at the seams. While in the dressing room be honest – not hopeful! This preppy color will become a versatile addition to your wardrobe as you incorporate it with other clothing items. We recommend layering this piece under a sleeveless peplum top, tucked into a pencil skirt, or let it stand alone with a statement necklace.

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Piped To Perfection

The piped collared blouse is the new updated version to the classic button up. It looks awesome on any age and can be styled to fit any occasion. This is the shirt that most women would classify as fancy but that is not the case anymore. Fashion has come around full swing and wants to give a new feel and new way to wearing this classic. So add this shirt into your everyday wear and don’t be afraid to wear it to the grocery store! Whether it is with jeans or a skirt, tucked in or out, there really aren’t a ton of rules with this one. Go for it! Our Favorite way so style this is with jeans and a patterned blazer. You can go from day to night in this look and never have to worry!

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The Printed Shirt

The printed collared shirt is a way of changing it up from the everyday solid shirt. If you are that fashionista that wants to be bold with the collared shirt trend, then this is the shirt for you. If you love long-sleeve, short-sleeve, or sleeveless you can find a patterned to match. Make sure the pattern and colors are flattering to you. Be sure to find a fit that works with your figure and not one that fights it. You don’t want to make a different statement than the bold fashionista you are. You don’t need to pair much with this shirt so keep the look simple. Our favorite way of styling a printed shirt is tucked into a colored maxi skirt.

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