Style Yourself Slim

Fashion can be used to highlight our better features, and hide those that aren’t our favorite.

Consultant and co-founder of Shabby Apple, Emily Bell McCormick, reveals five fashion details that will instantly slim you.

Fashion is an expression of ourselves and it can be used to highlight our better features, and hide those that are not our favorite.

These clothing attributes here, highlight current trends, and even as seasons change and old trends give birth to new, these attributes are timelessly flattering.

Two caveats, before we start, that will almost guarantee a slimmer appearance:

1. The first and MOST important thing to consider is FIT. How does a clothing item fit you? It should not be too big, nor too small; both are unflattering.

2. Consider your BODY TYPE. Be aware of the trends that do not work well with your body type. (Example: curvy with wide-cut shirts). The fit of a trend on your body type is much more important than squeezing a trend into your wardrobe.

Your objective, when dressing, should be to lend femininity to your silhouette. These five slimming attributes tend to look good on almost every body type.

1. Detail at the bust and shoulder. You always want to draw attention to the face. The outfit should highlight the face, not overpower it. By looking for detail at the bust, we bring the eyes up and also increase femininity. Detail also creates the upper “V” in the hourglass, with decreasing detail at the waist.

2. Tailored, vertical seams. The pieces that incorporate this tailored look change from season to season. Right now we’re seeing blazers, still the plaid and denim shirts, and heaven help me, denim vests (one trend I prayed I’d never see after 1994). Needless to say, tailoring is always going to be more flattering than something that’s not tailored. It comes back to the importance of fit.

3. Belts at the waist.
These can be skinny, which are popular right now, or wide, which come and go. But typically (again this doesn’t fit all body types), our waist is one of the narrowest points on our body, and a belt can highlight that and lend a “curvier” appearance whether you have a womanly or pencil body type and almost anything in between. Don’t be afraid to wear with sweaters, or t-shirts.

4. High-waisted skirts or pants. Take advantage of this trend; it emphasizes the feminine silhouette. Even with a thicker waist, this tends to be an extremely flattering look for women. For example, say you’ve had a baby or just tend to carry weight in your mid-section, pick a skirt that has a heavier, stiffer fabric to hide any bulges, and wear it high, closer to the bust line. Pair it with a light, breezy top tucked in and you’ll be surprised what a flattering line it creates.. Warning: don’t try to tuck too much in. It can add bulk.

5. Platforms/wedges/heels. Yes, it’s true, annoying but true. Heels do flatter. Any time you have a little heel, it gives you a lift, lengthens the line of your leg, and generally makes your leg appear more shapely. Now, I’ve more or less sworn off of these, but even a little height in the sole can go a long way.

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