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Styling Sconces: The 3 step formula for hanging them just right

Styling sconces is an art all its own!

They are one of the oldest fixtures around, yet we’re suddenly seeing wall sconces in a new light. Interior designers are on the same page with this one, saying sconces can change a space in a dramatic way, and make a bold statement that elevates a room.

Interior designer Melissa Reynolds has ideas on how to incorporate sconces in your bathroom. Here’s the really exciting point: whether you’re building or remodeling, this is an update that’s doable and instant. But you want to get the style and the hang just so.

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Expert Advice for Styling Sconces

Melissa also claims that compared to an overhead light, sconces eliminate any shadows so the light is the best for putting on makeup and getting a true good light source in the bathroom.

She highlights some of the current trends: modern linear sconces, shade sconces, transitional style with curved detailing, vintage sconces. She tells us how to place them in your bathroom, on a tiled wall or hung over wallpaper.

When hanging bathroom sconces, Melissa says they should be level with your face and about 35-40 apart from each other , and no less than one inch from the mirror. A couple inches from the mirror at the most. The height should be around 60-70 inches from the floor, depending on how tall your vanity is and how tall the owners of the home are.

Some other places for sconces are on both sides of the bed in place of table lamps, hanging above built-ins, hanging above open shelving or windows in the kitchen, they are also nice to layer on a stairwell or in a long hallway.

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