Stylish Burlap Table Runners

Give your kitchen table a shot of style, with unique and one of a kind table
runners made from burlap.

Blogger Kami Watson with Sweet Charli shares simple ideas to transform
boring burlap into stunning statement pieces.

Three Striped Runner

This runner can be used for a party or for an everyday runner. Simply cut
some burlap out to fit your table and do a straight stitch on all four sides to
prevent fraying. Use your favorite 3 colors in acrylic paint and a 1″ sponge
roller to do the stripes. So easy! *make sure to put paper underneath your
runner when painting on your stripes!

Colorful Trim Runner

If you need a last minute party table runner this is it! Cut some burlap to the
length of your table and find all sorts of different crazy trim around your
house (ric-rac, ruffles, lace, yard, pon-poms). Just lay all the different trims
over top of your burlap and you have an instant table runner! Use fun colors
to match your party theme, neutral colors for your home, or colors to match
your kitchen!

Doily Table Runner

After cutting some burlap to the desired length and stitching up the sides to
prevent fraying, set the runner out on your table. Use doilies around your
house, from your grandmother, or you can also buy them from a craft store
(sometimes the dollar store has these too!). You can sew your doilies onto
the runner, glue them on using fabric glue, or you can just lay them on top of
the runner in case you don’t want the doilies on there permanently!

Lace Table Runner

Lace and burlap compliment each other so well! Glue or sew your lace on top
of your burlap table runner. You can also just set your lace on top so you
can switch it out for other fun things!

Frayed & Tied Runner

Cut out your burlap and stitch up the long sides so they don’t fray. Don’t
stitch up the short sides, or ends of your runner, instead you’ll want to
purposely fray them! Fray both sides about 4-5 inches down. Next, take six
strings and tie them all in one knot. Do this until all the strings have been
tied. *feel free to add beads when tying the knots for added glam!

Shaggy Two-Toned Runner

This runner is great to use up all the burlap scraps you have lying around!
Use different widths of rectangles of burlap and sew the pieces together to
make one long table runner. Make sure to stitch up all four sides of the
runner so they don’t fray. You can use this runner hem side down or hem
side up, depending on which look you want. For the shaggy look, use the
hem side up and fray the hems!

Check out Kami’s blog, for
more creative projects.