Summer Tea Party Ideas

By Alisa Bangerter – Studio 5 Party and Idea Correspondent



    • Create pretty paper invitations using fancy papers and doilies.
    • Send the invitations through regular mail (not e-mail) or hand deliver them.
    • An actual china tea cup with a tag tied to it (as the invitation) would be a fun invitation. Small straw hats decorated with silk flowers also make nice invitations.

Table Décor:

    • Make table décor have a fancy and elegant feel to it.
    • Set a table with real tablecloths and cloth napkins.
    • Use lace – old lace curtains will work as well.
    • Tie ribbons around napkins and insert a flower.
    • Make fancy paper name cards or tie a tag with guests name to the napkin or tea cup handle.
    • Light candles.
    • Hang tiny white or shaped string lights around.
    • Tie big tulle bows on the back of chairs.
    • Fill a pretty teapot with real flowers and use as a centerpiece.
    • Have a tiny vase with real flowers at each place setting.
    • Mix and match tea cups – they don’t have to match and often look prettier with an assortment. Look for tea cups and saucers and other pretty serving dishes at flea markets, yard sales or thrift shops.
    • Serve food items on tiered or pedestal platters. Stack several pedestal plates for height and dimension.
    • Use lots of paper doilies under food.
    • Sprinkle clean individual rose petals on table or serving dishes (or even in beverage).
    • Create favors by filling tulle or tiny boxes with mints or a chocolate and wrapping with a pretty bow.
    • Create tiny menu cards that list the items being served.
    • Children’s tea sets, plastic included, also work well. Tea cups don’t need to be fragile if serving tiny children.


    • Serve finger foods – that need no utensils. Tiny items are more fun.
    • Create tiny finger sandwiches with thin bread.
    • Always cut off crust and spread with butter or cream cheese before adding filling.
    • Use different colors and types of bread. Light and dark wheat, white, etc.
    • Buy tinted bread in pastel colors (or tint homemade bread dough before baking). Colors such as pink and pale green make pretty sandwiches.
    • Cut sandwiches into shapes (flowers, hearts, butterflies, etc.) using small cookie cutters. Cut sandwiches into small strips or triangles.
    • Serve healthy food such as small cut up fruits and veggies.
    • Serve items such as small tarts, pastries including cream puffs and éclairs, cookies, cheesecakes, muffins, brownies, petit fours, scones, etc. Serve in paper liners if desired.
    • Dip cherries with stems or strawberries in chocolate.
    • Serve any type of fancy chocolates.
    • Skewer tiny pieces of fancy fruits and berries.
    • Create tiny tiered cakes for each person. These can be made by stacking three different sized cakes (bake cake using three different sized muffin tins). Frost and decorate.
    • Sugar flowers and leaves to use as a garnish for food. Use edible, non-sprayed flowers. Some nice choices are roses or pansies. Simple brush with egg white and sprinkle with sugar and let dry overnight on wax paper.
    • Serve jams, creams, etc. in tiny dishes if serving scones.
    • Sprinkle sweet items and serving dishes with powdered sugar.


    • Serve lemonade with berries floating in it.
    • Warm milk tinted light pink.
    • Hot chocolate with whipped cream or mini marshmallows.
    • Provide real sugar cubes for milk. Sugar cubes are pretty if each is decorated with a small icing rose and leaf. Rock crystal sugar is also an alternative for regular sugar.
    • Purchase tiny demitasse spoons to stir drink with. These are cute and fun to use.
    • Use herbal teas, juice or flavored waters if desired.


    • Wear fancy hats, gloves, jewelry, boas, scarves, purses, shoes and dresses. Old prom dresses are especially fun for little girls to wear.
    • Teach etiquette and manners at your tea party.
    • Have a fashion parade.
    • Take lots of photos.
    • Give a corsage to everyone.
    • Play soft or relaxing music during your tea party.
    • Have children bring their dolls or stuffed bears to party with you.


There are many businesses that offer and provide tea party service for small or large groups including children. Also there are many books and online resources for tips and recipes for tea parties. Check out and search under tea parties for a huge list of themes party ideas. Remember tea parties can be held for any occasion, holiday or for no reason at all!

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