Sunshine Rolls by Camp Chefs

Sunshine Rolls
1- 12 inch cast iron skillet
1- 12 inch cast iron lid
1-8 oz can of frozen orange concentrate
1-cup of sugar
1-stick of butter
3-biscuit tubes 30 biscuits.
non stick vegetable spray

Stove top method: While this recipe was developed outdoors over a Camp Chef two burner stove it can be adapted in doors using an electric or gas range. The electric range is the most difficult to use. Or you can just put the oven on 350 and place the prepared dish in there for 30 minutes and call it good….but what fun is that. You want to astonish your friends showing how you made these with a bottom heat.

Lightly coat the inside of the skillet and the lid with vegetable spray.

Wipe away excess, the spray will give you clues on your heat as you prepare this.

Melt your butter, sugar and orange concentrate into a sauce pan and bring to a simmer dissolving the sugar and set aside.

Lay your biscuits in the skillet to resemble tipped over Domino’s cover the surface of the skillet. Turn your element on medium heat and place the skillet on the element for ten minutes and then remove it from the heat. Your lid should also be pre-heating in the same manner for apx ten minutes, when you see the oil start to smoke you are where you need to be with heat on the lid. Now place the lid over the skillet for another ten minutes. This will cause the biscuits to rise and cook. After ten minutes re-heat your lid while you drizzle the orange sauce all over the biscuits. Replace the lid when you see it once again begin to smoke.

Cook another ten minutes the heat of the lid and the sugar in the sauce will cause the top to brown.

If you mess up…the world won’t end….try again. It’s really all about learning to control your heat and having good useful heat when you need it.

We came up with this recipe one day at the end of a camping trip looking through the left overs looking for something to do since we’d seen all the mountains and caught all the fish.

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