tiered tray

Super size your tiered tray! Here’s how to make and use this giant party piece

You’ll use this tiered tray at every event!

We’re super-sizing the tiered tray for an over-the-top layered look. It’s substantial and makes a statement – and it’s a party piece you’ll pull out again and again!

Studio 5 Creative Contributor Michelle Crowley shares how to make it yourself with a few simple supplies.

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The Inspiration Behind the Giant Tiered Tray

Michelle came across this larger-than-life tiered tray years and years ago in a consignment shop. She says it was a bit on the spendy side, but she just couldn’t leave it behind. She knew if I didn’t buy it, she’d regret it over and over again. She says it has not disappointed! She uses it A-L-L the time, and for so many different things. She’s used it to serve beverages, desserts, little veggie or soup cups, give party favors, and as a way to display photos or other special items at birthday parties and weddings. She also likes to decorate it, to display every day or holiday decorations.

Michelle says it’s an item her girlfriends kind of covet. She claims she’s loaned it more times than she can count to so many of her girlfriends. She says she often gets asked where it came from, but she’s never seen another one like it—and she’s looked.

It finally occurred to her that she could make one herself, so she rallied her girlfriends together to try a little DIY. There was a bit of trial and error, but now she’s got the system down!

Michelle’s friend decided to use woven basket trays with unfinished chair legs as her dividers. Michelle used a white knobbed floor lamp at a thrift store and pulled it to pieces for its parts. She’s also created one with candlesticks, metal trays, wood disks, and stacking trays. The possibilities are endless!

Michelle is the newest addition to the Studio 5 team, joining in Season 18 as our Creative Contributor.  Friends describe Michelle as a gatherer.  Entertaining, nesting at home, and jumping in painters overalls have become Michelle’s happy place.  Michelle is a degreed interior designer.  She gets her energy from other people.  And did you know — her bedroom is yellow!   Find Michelle on Instagram @michellesdesignlife or via the Studio 5 email, studio5@ksl.com.

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