conversation hearts

Sweeten up your space with conversation hearts! Here are 4 décor projects to try

Add some conversation hearts to your Valentine’s Day décor.

A bag of pastel candy hearts makes Valentine’s decorating easy. A Studio 5 viewer is flexing her creativity with a handful of conversation heart crafts.

Debbie Stahmann shares the projects that have given her a creative charge lately.

Find more ideas from Debbie on Instagram, @joy.intheseasons.


Debbie Stahmann enjoys creating seasonal crafts that are simple and inexpensive. She is particularly drawn to repurposing, using things she has in her home. Inspired by her mother-in-law, Debbie loves decorating for most holidays, even “Back to School,” and tries to make her home a cozy, happy place for her family and friends. Debbie and her husband Ben have three children, and currently live in North Logan, Utah. Find more seasonal craft and decor ideas on Debbie’s new Instagram @joy.intheseasons.

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