Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Adapted from Elisa Strauss, Confetti Cakes
1 ½ C Light Corn Syrup or Granulated Sugar
¾ C Egg Whites (about 4 or 5 large eggs)
1 C Unsalted Butter (2 Sticks)
1 C Powered Sugar

1T. Vanilla (optional, can substitute any flavoring)

1. Combine Egg whites and sugar in mixing bowl.

2. Place the mixing bowl containing the eggs and sugar in a larger pan that is ¾ full of hot water on the stove. Whisk mixture until the temperature reaches 165 – 175 degrees.

3. Place the bowl (careful it will be hot) back into the mixer with the whisk attachment. Beat on high speed until stiff peaks form. This will take about tem minutes, be patient.

4. Stop the mixer and replace with the paddle attachment.

5. Set the mixer to low, add the butter one Tablespoon at a time, count to 10 between each addition. When all the butter is added, turn the mixer to medium high, at this point the frosting will be runny, do not worry it should be. Now be patient, let it beat until light and fluffy, it will take about 10 minutes.

6. At this point if you want to add vanilla put it in now, also add the powdered sugar. Beat on low until incorporated.

If the buttercream becomes too runny, place the bowl back into the fridge until it is cold. Then re-whip.

You can use the frosting immediately, or store it in an airtight container for up to 10 days.

Leslie Fiet


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