T-Shirt Refashion Projects

You probably own more t-shirts than you would like to admit. But, the t-shirt can be so much more than a casual companion to jeans!

Michelle Barneck with the blog A Little Tipsy shares five out of the box ways to refashion the t-shirt.

1. DIY Shoes

Turn an old t-shirt and a pair of flip flop soles into some super comfy sandals.

2&3. Swim Suit Cover & Headband

With the most beginning level of sewing, a 5XL shirt can become a ruffly swim suit cover and matching headband.

Dress up a t-shirt with another t-shirt, a t-shirt made in to accessories of course. How about a Rosette Necklace and Ruffled Infinity Scarf?

4. DIY Necklace

All you need for this run necklace is a t-shirt, scissors and a glue gun.

5. Cascading Ruffle Infinity Scarf

If you can sew straight lines, you can make this scarf.

For detailed tutorials on all of these projects, check out www.alittletipsy.com.

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