Take 5: Erika Peterson, of Clean Simple Eats, answers your Q & A’s

We believe the friendships that mean the most are the ones that go beyond the surface. It’s fulfilling – and rewarding – to connect with a girlfriend on a deeper level. That’s the inspiration behind our “Take 5” series. Each month, we grow closer to well-known women by inviting them to answer five viewer-submitted questions. These questions were written with the intent to get to know a good girlfriend on a real, genuine level.

This month’s featured Take 5 guest is Erika Peterson – the founder and CEO of the health and wellness company, Clean Simple Eats.


Get to Know Erika Peterson

As CEO of Clean Simple Eats, Erika is intimately involved in creating their products like protein powders, green mixes, collagen, and more. They even have an app that helps you plan and prep your meals making a healthy lifestyle attainable.

Clean Simple Eats is one of the fastest growing health and wellness brands, with more than 175 products sold online and at retailers across the country. We really enjoyed getting to know the person – and brain – behind the products many of us use daily. Thank you Erika for “taking 5”!

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