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Teach gratitude at bedtime! 8 kids books that are all about being thankful

You can teach gratitude anytime with these cute kids books.

Add a touch of sweetness to bedtime and help your little ones embrace gratitude. These books are all about being thankful.

Provo City Librarian Joella Bagshaw shares eight recommendations to add to your bookshelf.


8 Kids Books to Teach Gratitude

1. “If Animals Gave Thanks

  • Perfect for preschoolers, this delightful book explores gratitude through various animals expressing joy for different aspects of their lives. The story culminates in a heartwarming feast, celebrating togetherness and gratitude.

2. “Sallie Bee Writes a Thank You Note

  • Sally B receives a gift from her grandma and decides to express her gratitude by writing a thank-you note. This charming story not only teaches children about gratitude but also introduces the art of letter writing, a skill that is often overlooked in the digital age.

3. “Thank You Bees

  • Tailored for toddlers, this book simplifies the concept of gratitude by thanking different elements of nature. Short, sweet sentences make it perfect for young ones, allowing them to learn about appreciation in their immediate environment.

4. “Thank You for the Little Things

  • Follow the journey of a young protagonist who discovers the power of gratitude in transforming challenging moments. This story encourages children to notice and appreciate the little things around them, fostering a positive mindset.

5. “The Thank You Letter

  • Centered around a birthday celebration, this book teaches children the joy of giving thanks beyond receiving presents. The protagonist extends gratitude to unexpected recipients, including the lunch lady, the school crossing guard, and even the sky.

6. “Thank You, Neighbor

  • A little girl takes a walk in her neighborhood, recognizing the contributions of everyone around her. This story emphasizes the interconnectedness of communities and how expressing gratitude can make a positive impact on others.

7. “Thank You, Omu

  • A heartwarming tale about a grandmother’s generosity. Omu makes red bean soup for everyone in her community, and in return, she is surprised with a feast by those she helped. This story beautifully illustrates the reciprocal nature of gratitude.

8. “We Give Thanks

  • In this book, various animals come together to express gratitude for both the simple and challenging aspects of life. The story emphasizes the importance of being thankful for the things that bring people together, including cups, plates, and silverware.

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