Thanksgiving Placecards & Favors

Emily Hover from Pioneer Party in Lehi shares several ideas that can double as table placecards, and party favors.

Placecard/Favor ideas:

• Kid friendly turkey favor. Make with a mini can of soda pop or snack size pudding. For instructions, link here:

• Bag of chocolate gold coins. Attach a card saying, “If you want to feel rich, count all the blessings money can’t buy!”

• Fine chocolates in a cello bag. Tie with a card that defines gratitude: “Gratitude: a feeling of appreciation towards another person, often accompanied by a desire to express thanks or reciprocate a favor. Synonym: Thankfulness”

• Mini pumpkin. Tie the person’s name to the stem. Set in the middle of the plate, or just above.

• Pear. Embellish with gold leaf, or gold spray paint. Add ribbon, and tie on a card showing guest’s name. Very classy!

• Mint with a Napkin. Wrap your napkin around your silverware, add a thick printed ribbon to tie it together. Add a mint. Add a card with guest’s name. Very cute!

• Handful of candy corn. Place a small handful (1-5) individual candy corns on each person’s plate. Before dinner starts, each person tells the whole table one thing (per candy corn) that they are grateful for. Of course, eat them up after expressing gratitude!

Hostess Gifts

Any of these are great gifts to bring to the host or hostess. Most are inexpensive, but thoughtful. Add a creative “tag” to them, or even better – write your own HANDWRITTEN note. This is probably a better option for a Thanksgiving Dinner thank-you.

• Room sprays and candles by KMK – a great company!

• Plant baskets

• Lotions and bath salts

• Apron or apron die-cut

• Ceiling tiles with vinyl lettering

Final tip:

Use nice quality plastic ware. Many people use their nice china to serve dinner on, but for a crowd, consider nice quality plastic ware. It still gives a classy look but is definitely a great way to cut down on extra work! 20 color schemes are available at Pioneer Party.

One idea is to use brown, cream and gold as a base color scheme. Make it all pop with orange, turquoise, and buttercup accents.

Get all of the wrappings and ideas for YOUR next party or celebration from Pioneer Party. They offer wrapping paper, gift baskets, theme gifts, favor bags, and all kinds of fun boutique gifts.

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