The Art of Gold Leafing

Go for the gold with your next home project, and embrace a throwback trend that is popular once again.

Brynn Larsen with Blooms and Co. shares her love for the art of gold leafing.


Supplies Needed:

· Canvas
· Gold Leaf Adhesive Pen
· Sheets of Gold Leaf
· Pencil
· Stencil or Picture to Copy

I LOVE the combination of gold and white! I was so inspired by ink blot designs that I found online that I decided to do a series for my wall at home.
First, I collected a few images that I really liked and carefully freehanded the ink blot design onto the blank white canvas with light pencil marks. Next, using the adhesive pen I filled in the design and let the adhesive dry for about 5-10 minutes before applying the gold leaf. Once the glue has set up carefully lift out a sheet of gold leaf using the wax paper insert or a soft bristle brush and gently place over the glue. Place flat on the canvas and smooth over the wax paper making sure that the gold leaf sheet is on smooth. Continue until the entire image is covered. After you have covered the entire image use a soft bristle brush to remove any excess gold leaf. If you need to fill in holes simply apply more adhesive and more gold leaf until everything is filled in. If you need to remove any gold leaf from outside the image lines you can use a utility knife to gently scrap it off. Let the canvas dry and then go back over the top to burnish the gold until it’s shiny and smooth. Frame and enjoy your new art!



· Tiles from Hardware store
· Gold leaf
· Adhesive Pen
· Clear varnish

Hardware stores have a great selection of all kinds of time ceramic or glass tiles. I picked out a few of my favorites and simply used the adhesive pen to draw little designs onto my tiles after I made sure the tiles were very clean. After the adhesive set up I gently laid a sheet of gold leaf on top and rubbed it over the design until it was completely covered. Remove any excess gold with a soft bristle brush and spray with a few coats of clear varnish to protect your design



· Lamp Shade
· Painters Tape
· Spray Adhesive
· Gold Leaf

Transform an old lamp into something fabulous with a touch of gold. First decide on a design for your new lamp shade, use the painters tape to tape off your design. Once you have everything taped, carefully spray with spray adhesive. Cover all of the design with gold leaf and gently rub it thru the wax paper to smooth the leaf sheets into place. Let the gold leaf dry before pulling off the tape. Carefully remove the tape and clean up the edge by dusting off the extra leaf with a soft brush or a utility knife. Place lamp shade on the lamp and light up your room with a hint of gold.



· Antlers or horns
· Gold leaf size (adhesive)
· A few soft brushes
· Clear varnish

Update rustic antlers into a chic decorative element. First make sure that the antlers are very clean before applying the adhesive. Brush on the gold leaf size being sure to cover the entire area. Let the adhesive dry for about 5-10 minutes before applying the gold leaf. You can use wax paper to pick up the gold leaf sheets or a cotton ball with a very small dab of vaseline. Cover the entire area with gold leaf and burnish into the horns and remove the extra gold leaf with a small soft bristle brush. Continue until shiny and all the extra leaf is gone. To protect your leaf cover the horns with a clear spray varnish.



· Vase
· Spray adhesive or gold leaf size
· Gold leaf
· Soft brush

Transform any vase into an elegant statement piece. Always make sure your surface is clean before applying adhesive. Cover all the surfaces that you would like to leaf with adhesive. Once the adhesive has a minute to set up apply gold leaf and burnish it until it is smooth and shiny. Remove extra leaf with a soft bristle brush or cotton balls. Protect your finished product with a clear varnish.

* TIP: Try not to touch the gold leaf with your bare hands as it can tarnish the color and shine of the leaf. Wear a cotton glove if you need to handle the object while you’re working on it. Use wax paper, soft brushes or cotton balls and Vaseline to apply the leaf.

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