The First Extended Wear Hearing Aid

You’re always turning up the volume on the TV, or asking people to repeat themselves… Could these be signs you’re hearing is in trouble?

Dr. Chris Curtis from Rocky Mountain Hearing and Balance gets these questions all the time and is passionate about educating Utahns on the latest hearing technology.

Today’s advanced hearing devices provide extraordinary performance and value beyond traditional hearing aids of the past. Lyric™, the first of its kind, can do more than any other instrument. Lyric™ can become part of you 24/7 – every hour of every day. Lyric™ can disappear so nobody will notice you wear a hearing aid. Lyric™ can provide natural sound quality in both quiet and noisy environments. Lyric™ is completely hassle-free. Most importantly, you can try Lyric™ risk-free for 30 days*!

To learn more about Lyric™ or schedule an appointment with one of 3 leading doctors of audiology in Utah, select your provider below:

*Aural examination and qualification required.

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