The Fix It Chick: Authentic Exteriors

There are four basic areas to consider: lighting, landscaping, color and surface veneer.


With lighting, Amber presents solar powered yard lighting that’s easy to install and offers attractive accent to a well-kept landscape. In her presentation she displays various specialty lighting fixtures that are energy-efficient solar lights. You can show your personality in several different styles of lighting that convey your personal touch. Amber presents two types: a traditional version and a trendy and contemporary “retro” look. Either way, you can simply set these lamps into your landscaping and create a beautiful lighting effect, with money-saving solar panels to provide the energy.


Amber creates an intimate flagstone patio, presenting an inviting exterior setting by embellishing with a bench, decorative shrubs and potted plants and to add that extra special seasonal touch, cushions created in different patterns to throw on the bench for each season of the year. There’s also ground cover and flagstone that can create the finishing touches to your special home.


A complementary paint tone on front entry and garage doors, applied by an airless sprayer, (the preferred applicator) can achieve a unique texture and a high end result. And if your house needs a fresh and contemporary update from a dull and unexciting painting job, why not use a high quality exterior enamel for a long lasting finish. Amber also recommends looking for and color-coordinating the outside of your home by using a hint of color in your brick. By picking up that small bit of color from the brick, you can create a brand new look for the painted surfaces around your home, an bring an exciting new perspective to the exterior look of your home.

Surface Veneer

(Not demonstrated on the show) Tiling the front landing and walkway. This project is a little more involved and requires some specific tools to accomplish it. Use a web saw, notched trowel, hand shovel and a couple of buckets. It is important to use products designed to handle extreme Utah weather such as a durable slate or porcelain tile with frost guard and a thin set or mortar with karalastic, an additive that prevents tile from poping up when exposed to extreme temperature.

For more information on these and other home improvement projects, check your nearest home improvement store in your area.

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