The IKEA Challenge

Designer Kristine McKay took our “Ikea Challenge” and ran with it…we gave her a pretty tight budget, but she actually came in under the allotted $75!

I was very excited to find this 3-drawer chest from IKEA – and was even more excited when I found out it was only $39.99. I added a few features to turn it into a classy bathroom hutch:

• I took out the bottom two drawers and put in shelves

• Used a large French damask stencil on the top

• Added glass drawer pulls to the front

• Added an antique silver towel rack to the side, with decorative towel

• Added three wicker baskets with ribbon labels that contain hand towels, handmade soaps, etc.

• The top drawer contains candles, lufas, and other bath supplies

On the top I placed cool glass jars of various shapes and sizes that contain homemade bath salts, oils, and fizzy bath bombs (although that’s not what the segment is featuring, I will have all of the recipes on the website). I also used the drawers that I removed for underbed storage. I decopauged them with decorative paper and added rollers on the bottom and a drawer pull.

Kristine McKay enjoys paper crafting and all things creative and she loves to share her inspiration with other women. For more great ideas and to read more about Kristine’s creative musings, you can visit her website at

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